Wednesday, November 30

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Sta mattina mi son svegliato. Grab a coffee sing the Bella Ciao and we go to the mess.

where does the day go

Italy, a dangerous experiment

Impoverished, fed up, tired, wounded in pride, without references, Italy has indulged in a dangerous experiment to get them out of the loop of governments cooked in offices and liberal technocracies. A far right experiment.

everybody talks about Giorgia Meloni, which will be if no miracle prevents it, Prime Minister of a founding country of the European Union that is now passing to the axis of Hungary or Poland. The social democratic candidate He has resigned as leader of his party after garnering less than 20% of the vote.

The European PP assumes that its representatives in Italy, with barely 8% of the vote, will support a post-fascist prime minister. In Spain, each popular faction uses the news in its own way. “It’s a good day to draw conclusions”, said Ayuso. “I don’t like it,” Moreno Bonilla has said. And Feijóo has said absolutely nothing.

Today on the podcast, We wonder how the victory of the extreme right in Italy will affect Spain, which is neither a Latin American nor a post-Soviet country, but rather a first cousin that shares so many things with us.

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Spain red, green or blue

My Data colleagues do magic with public statistics. Today we bring you a report where you can consult almost street by street what are the sources of income of the inhabitants of each municipality. If your neighbors live on their salary, or a pension, or financial investments, or unemployment benefits. And maps like this come out:

Deep blue means most of the money comes from wages. Light blue and white mean that much of the income comes from pensions or unemployment.

You can also see where the richest people in your area live and where they get their money. One conclusion: people with real money do not get it primarily from a salary, but to make investments or assets profitable.

play darts in space

This morning, humanity launched a space missile remote control against an asteroid to try to divert its trajectory. Y It has worked. Technically it is not a missile but a ship designed by NASA for its first ‘space defense’ experiment: it is about checking if we would be able to avoid a future collision of some large asteroid Throwing something at him that deflects him. In this case there was no danger, because the rock in question, DImorphos, is not actually coming towards Earth. It has been a drill.

don’t miss it

  • The rocket and the pen. It doesn’t fail. Oil costs right now more or less than it did before the Ukraine war. The price has dropped a lot. However, gasoline, which rose like a rocket, is now down like a feather: it is still 12% more expensive than before the conflict. More data.
  • trans law. A sector of the PSOE is pressing so that its party reopen the debate on the trans law that was already approved in the Council of Ministers and which continues its parliamentary process. It’s probably the biggest schism we’ve seen to date in the coalition, and we can go back to it. names like Carmen Calvo or Amalia Valcárcel ask knock down the idea of ​​gender self-determination. Not all the PSOE is against the rule promoted by Irene Montero.
  • Change in RTVE. José Manuel Pérez Tornero was the president of RTVE until yesterday. He resigned a year and a half later of his appointment, which was agreed upon by PSOE and PP and backed by United We Can. But those balances have been brokenTornero has been accused of favoring the circles of influence of the PP.
  • iran earrings. The country is on the way to a huge wave of social protests, the first since that green tide of 2009 that did not end well. The trigger was the murder of a young woman in police custody and at issue is nothing less than religious doctrine. like you there they also sing the Bella Ciao.

everything is politics

  • The climate spiral. That moving image above represents the different temperature measurements that NASA records each year and how more and more frequent anomalies are occurring that cause the increase in the average temperature of the Earth to accelerate. More data.
  • A neighborhood without names. There is a neighborhood in Seville that has had streets for half a century that did not have a name but only a number. Built for poor workers during the Franco regime, one could live in Casa L, number 188, phase 3. How to order a pizza. Hereinafter, those 41 streets will be named after women.
  • the play-back it is no longer (necessarily) evil. Using recordings for instruments or voice in a live concert has been considered public fraud. Young people are beginning to be much more tolerant and give more importance to other aspects of the show. This report reviews the history of the play-back and tells many interesting things about the music industry.

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