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viruses of heat

This morning it was published a scientific study in The Lancet which adds more data and more concern to the climate crisis: global warming causes more deaths from heat, more deaths from pollution and more deaths from infectious diseases. Only deaths from high temperatures in people over 65 have grown by 68% in the last 20 years, but infections may surprise you more. It’s easy to explain: we are creating favorable conditions for the proliferation of mosquitoes that transmit tropical viruses such as dengue, malaria or West Nile virus.

“It’s very frustrating”

The large energy companies are not doing much on their part so that the price crisis affects citizens as little as possible. The CNMC, the public body that monitors that companies do not cheat, has opened file to these companies in the face of the barrage of complaints due to the difficulties in contracting the regulated gas rate promoted by the Government. If you have called to change your rate (write it down: the new one is called TUR), perhaps what we told you has happened to you in this report: hours on the phone and several failed calls.

From Germany and Holland They also want to boycott the cap on gas prices, but it is not the companies defending their commercial interests but rather, directly, the governments: Germany, which depends much more than the rest of the countries on Russian gas, does not want it. He believes that if gas is cheaper, other countries will be able to buy more happily and his gas may be scarce; or that Russian companies may seek other more expensive markets and jeopardize supply. We explained it better here. The thing is that Germany drags the Netherlands along with it in its skepticism and the European Commission, which announced the Spanish cap as a measure applicable throughout Europe, does not dare to move without them.

  • Bad news, although it could be seen coming: the public aid approved against inflation is benefiting high incomes more than the most vulnerable households. Why? Because they are linked to consumption, that is, those who can spend little save much less than those who spend (fuel, VAT…) much more. here the data.
  • and another cloudI’m sorry, which also comes from the same source: the Tax Authority says that the Spanish economy will enter a technical recession in early 2023.

Sons of India, to power in Europe

today on the podcast, we explain who is the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Rishi Sunak. As the British political storm is so tremendous, we are not talking enough about a personal, symbolic, historical detail of this new character: his Indian origin. The funny thing is that he is not the first head of government in Europe born into an Indian family.

don’t miss it

  • what a combo. The one that was missing in the case of Marbella that involves the family of the mayor and senator of the PP Ángeles Muñoz. Commissioner Villarejo also knew about the shenanigans of the councilor’s husband and son, and he told them to the Rajoy government. listen to it.
  • Sedition is said. ERC and Moncloa, the Government and the PSOE, are negotiating on the reform of the Penal Code to review the crime of sedition. Pedro Sánchez says that he wants to, but that he does not have enough support in Congress to do so. ERC requests that the crime of sedition be deactivated also for those who are awaiting trial for 1-O.
  • trans law. The PSOE is going to entertain itself a little more in the quicksand of the trans law and will ask for one last extension in the term to present amendments to the text (which was previously agreed by Moncloa and the Ministry of Equality). Carmen Calvo, former vice president and referent of feminism critical of this law, keep criticizing in public gender self-determination.
  • Reprobate. Since yesterday I’ve been restless: it turns out that if I mess with any public institution in a city, for example with the Police, the City Council can fail me, even if I’m not an elected official or anything. That’s weird. But This is what Vox and the PP have done in Madrid with Pablo Iglesias. To refresh memories: vox voted against to take the Golden Key of Madrid from Vladimir Putin.

in today’s chapter

  • Prestige. 20 years ago the Prestige sank off the Galician coast. I am not Galician, but I was one of the thousands of volunteer university students who came by bus from all over Spain to clean tar. I spent New Year’s Eve in oil (maybe pomace too). so listening the podcast that SER has made About those days a bomb of nostalgia has fallen on me mixed with the same indignation of then. A very good job, among others, by Manu Tomillo. And Manuel Burque narrates it, that’s always good.
  • dracarys. The first season of the prequel to ‘The House of the Dragon’ has finished, with his heart attack ending included (eye, spoilers). The Game of Thrones prequel is a great project without much risk: it gives us dragons, it gives us nods to the original plot, it gives us intrigue, it gives us violence and sex and also a feminist look. Of course, it also gives us some very forced workarounds in the plot, dark sequences complicated for televisions of less than 1,000 euros and time jumps They give the feeling of being left far behind.
  • shared accounts. By now you will have already found out: Netflix won’t let you in with different users to the same account if they don’t all live in the same house. In other words, no more paying the fee among several friends. Or I pay for HBO, you pay for Netflix. Or “Mom, pass me the Netflix keys.” If we add to that that there will be advertising for customers who pay less, we are effectively moving towards the future of future television.

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