Friday, September 30

📩 NEWSLETTER | 27 gases


The first day of work after the holidays is funny. But the second? What do we do with the second? Well, rejoice because it’s Friday.

Grab a coffee and let’s get down to business.

Pedro Sánchez does not want to lose the initiative and has started September with a surprise: VAT on the gas bill will drop from 21% to 5%. For now it will be applied to receipts for October, November and December, but it looks like we will have another announcement at Christmas that extends the measure. This formula, which makes no difference between those who have a lot or little money, had been proposed by the PP and rejected by the Government until the day before yesterday (literally). Here Marco Swchartz analyzes how problematic this VAT reduction is from a left-wing point of view.

Seven autonomous communities have stood a week before the start of the school year without having approved the official agenda for schools nor the reforms derived from the new education law, which they are few and important. Among the seven non-compliant there are four regions governed by the PP, one by the PSOE (Canary Islands), Catalonia and Euskadi. here more details.

If it was seen coming. The Gibraltarian authorities had told us that everything was controlled, but not that much. The semi-sunken oil tanker in the Strait is dumping fuel into the sea and the barrier that had been placed around the ship has not been enough to contain all the leak, which is not much but it is. With the photo it is clear.

That semicircular thing is the barrier. And yes, the stain outside is part of the fuel oil that this tanker was transporting. The good thing is that the fuel that is still inside is being extracted from the ship and that is happening fast. One person has been arrestedalthough it is not yet clear what his role in the incident is.

Blue – In which country has Pedro Sánchez participated as a guest in a government meeting?

Pink – Which 47-year-old actor has been criticized on social networks for chaining sentimental couples always under 25?

Yellow – At what age was Felipe González President of the Government: at 40, at 44 or at 51?

Brown – What exlehendakari is the new spokesman for the PSOE in Congress?

Green – What meteorological phenomenon defines the RAE as “frozen water that descends violently from the clouds”?

Orange – For what club did Héctor Bellerín, a footballer critical of the situation in Palestine and European hypocrisy with refugees, sign last night?


Blue – Germany

Pink – Leonardo Dicaprio

Yellow – 40 years

Brown -Patxi Lopez

Green – The hail

Orange – FC Barcelona

Well, we have not started badly. I’ll wait for you on Monday.

A hug,