Tuesday, February 27

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Last week was a test. Now September really begins.

Grab a coffee and let’s get down to business.

where does the day go

Chile said no

The most important news of the day occurred this morning in Chile with the result of a momentous referendum on the new Chilean Constitution that should leave behind the text now in force, which has been dragging on since Pinochet times and is deeply conservative.

Well the new proposal for the Chilean Constitution has not been approved. A large majority has rejected the text, with 62% voting for ‘No’.

With this, Chilean society sets foot on the wall of the vertiginous changes that it has experienced in recent years. We are talking about a country identified in the eyes of the entire region as conservative, where suddenly a social explosion, in 2019, turns everything upside down. In March of this year win the new leftwith Gabriel Boric, and a citizen process is opened to make a new Constitution, the one that was voted on yesterday, which presented a progressive text. He said, for example: “Chile is a social and democratic state of law. It is multinational, intercultural, regional and ecological. Its democracy is inclusive and parity”. That text only had 38% of votes in favor.

President Boric assumes the coup and asks that another process be launched to try again with another document that generates more consensus. We will have to be careful.

The podcast is back!

The first week of September is confusing. You come back from having disconnected from current affairs and you find that there is news that you do not know where it comes from, you are not sure if there has been any important detail in the topics that usually interest you, suddenly they talk about something that you do not know what it is about.

For that we are. The first chapter of the new season of the podcast we dedicate it to updating you on the main current topics with the news of the summer, so that you can pick up the pulse.

And back to school

We know that the readers have missed him but I assure you that we have missed him the most in the newsroom, especially those who have had to eat the brown ones that he normally eats 😉 Ignacio Escolar is back from his paternity leave and it does interviewing Yolanda Diaz. The vice president announces that she wants to promote limits on the prices of basic products such as bread, milk, eggs or fruit. She says that she has detected price increases “of 500%, of 575%. They are public data. Can not be. It is clear that someone is doing business here.” She also talks about the health of the left and their families and warns: either lower the level of internal rants on the left, or there will be a debacle in 2023. You can see the full talk on video.

“I buy a flat”

If you find a piece of paper like this in a store or clipped to a windshield wiper, know that behind its shabby appearance, there is probably a real estate agency. They are using this camouflage as neighborhood and old school to attract the attention of older people who do not trust the Internet and think they read a neighbor’s sign. more detail.

don’t miss it

  • Argentina. The assassination attempt on Cristina F. Kirchner has convulsed Argentine politics. many media (and people), there and here in Spain, blame the attack on polarization, as if the responsibility for having a gun pointed at your face was also the victim’s, who tenses too much, who is provoking. You know we have a half brother in Argentina, elDiarioAR.com. Over there can you read the keys of what has happened and will happen this week. And the director of elDiarioAR tells how the newsroom has experienced it in this accurate analysis.
  • Meritocracy. The PP-Vox Government of Castilla y León awarded a contract of more than 100,000 euros in February for the management of the communication of the fire operation. After a couple of bureaucratic tricks, the service ended up in the hands of the partner of the current head of the Territorial Environment Service. we tell it here
  • intimate enemies. Relations between ERC and Junts, in coalition for the government of Catalonia, are bad. This week they make the umpteenth attempt to redirect themfor the account that brings them.
  • paradise shattered. Today we have a good report to understand what happens when a town with a lot of tourist attraction is left in the hands of unregulated business, urban exploitation and commercial mafias. It’s Cambodia, but tomorrow it could be near Gibraltar.

things i didn’t know

  • He did not know that the tallest statue in the world is the Statue of Unity. He is in India, he measures 182 meters although we must add 58 of base. It is built to the greater glory of Sardar Patel, one of the country’s independence leaders, who is credited with integration into one India of the 562 principalities that existed during British rule until the 1940s.
  • I didn’t know many other statues of that ranking of the tallest sculptures in the world. Perhaps it is because they are all very unoriginal: men with arms crossed, men in Buddhist postures, men’s faces carved into the rock, and some goddess. Here a video that summarizes them.

Come on, tomorrow we read each other again.

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