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There are days that change history. Hello.

where does the day go

From Isabel II to Carlos III

What can I tell you today that you didn’t already read yesterday about Elizabeth II. The most famous queen in the world has died, the longest-lived, the one that lost an empire but withstood wars, saw 15 prime ministers pass by, various crises and a pandemic, the one that sustained the monarchy by weight, the one that went from living in absolute opacity to seeing her family become a constant show and her in a product of pop culture. Elizabeth II was a survivor of an endangered species.

The incombustible flame went out and now the Crown burns in the hands of his son Carlos with the name of Carlos III. The greatest certainty about the reign of Carlos III is that it will be shorter than that of his mother. He is 73 years old. For now, he only has to worry that the farewell to the queen complies with the secret plan established for years, Operation London Bridge which will culminate in 10 days with a historic funeral. Then the list of browns will be endless and he will be measured only by one thing: that when the turn passes to his son Guillermo, the number of Republicans has not skyrocketed. And it remains to be seen, because Carlos III has always taken risks, he has always been a king with his own ideas.

as this meme says, The United Kingdom has changed its head of government and head of state in the blink of an eye, literally in two days. On Tuesday Boris Johnson and Elizabeth II. Today, Liz Truss and Carlos III.

Drown the patient to get better

Economics, like medicine, is sometimes sophisticated but other times quite rudimentary. The prescription for a runaway inflation crisis like the one we have is not exactly fine surgery, but rather an electroshock. The European Central Bank has decided to drown the economy to put an end to the rise in prices: it has raised interest rates by 0.75 points, the largest increase in history. What does that mean? It is well explained here. The objective is that people and companies have less money so that they spend less, there is less demand and thus things do not continue to rise in price. It’s a bit crude, but they say it works. Guess at the cost of what: suffering, cuts, significant increases in variable mortgages and the threat of a recession in Europe.

There is another more pleasant side effect for a huge minority: the banks will do business because they will charge more expensive loans. They shoot up in the stock market.

What is the Senate for?

Let’s open the Senate melon. It’s never news, senators live with a complex because almost everyone thinks it’s useless, everyone wants to reform it but no one messes with it. today on the podcastafter seeing Pedro Sánchez and Feijóo use the Senate only as a backdrop for their face to face, we wonder what we do with what is supposed to be the second Spanish parliament.

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don’t miss it

  • We interviewed Salvador Illa, the minister of the pandemic. He reviews those first months, with nuances and acknowledging mistakes: “With the information we have now, I would do many things differently.”
  • The judiciary goes beyond the law. Yesterday’s meeting to try to unlock the appointment of judges for the Constitutional Court ended worse than it started. The General Council of the Judiciary is boycotting the protocol dictated by the Constitution.
  • Another life for Toni Cantó. It has become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Toni Cantó has announced his resignation of the empty position of power and content that Isabel Díaz Ayuso had given him. He left UPyD to go to Ciudadanos, which he left to go to the PP, which he has left to… We’ll see. Abascal, don’t pick up the phone.

Trivial Tertullian

Blue – Which four nations are part of the United Kingdom?

Pink – In which American television series was the leading actress Meghan Markle, the current daughter-in-law of the British King Charles III?

Yellow – How many queens (not consorts) has England had: one, two or seven?

Brown – Who inherits the Crown if Charles III of England dies?

Green – What has been Elizabeth II’s favorite leisure activity most criticized by environmentalists?

Orange – How many Olympic Games have Elizabeth II or her husband, Prince Philip, inaugurated as the highest authority?


Blue – England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Pink – Suits

Yellow – Seven

Brown – Prince William.

Green – The hunt

Orange – Three. London 2012, Canada 1976 and Melbourne 1956. In Sydney 2000 it was vetoed.

See you here on Monday. Long live the newsletter.

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