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where does the day go

the beards

Who can ‘El Barbas’ be in a conversation between the number two of the Ministry of the Interior and Villarejo in which they talk about espionage to cover up Bárcenas’ papers? If this was the who’s who, we’d win soon. As is Justice, it seems more complicated that the masks fall.

today we tell you that in the new audios handled by the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor there are references to Mariano Rajoy on nine occasions. These recordings are the ones that the Prosecutor’s Office believes that they would support Cospedal’s accusation, that the judge does not see clearly. But it is that they also suggest that Mariano Rajoy was aware of everything, that is, of the use of funds reserved so that the sewers of the State and Commissioner Villarejo destroyed at all costs the ability of Bárcenas to tell what we know today.

  • With this panorama, it is not strange that the PP does not want to lose control of its terminals in the Judiciary. This Sunday, Ignacio Escolar reeled off name by name, code by code, that battle of the right against the law and bureaucracy.

Friends, enemies and party mates

For this second season of the podcast, we are determined to explain how some political guts work, those details that are always in the air but are not always the protagonists of the news. in today’s episode, we talked about friendship and politics. They are compatible? There are stories to not sleep.

watch out for ukraine

Just when the world had its focus, which is usually single-issue, on the death of the Queen of England, important things are happening in Ukraine.

An unexpected counteroffensive is taking place, the Ukrainian army is recovering territory and Moscow admits a partial withdrawal in an area that is considered key for the control of the rest of the conflict. What does this mean? Well, the experts, I don’t know if with a bit of Western optimism, say that if the Ukrainians continue to push, this means the collapse of Russia in the north of the country. You have all the keys in this magnificent summary by Iciar Gutierrez.

Since we have mentioned the monotheme, which really deserves attention because it has historical overtones, apart from everything you may have read out there, while Elizabeth II’s remains cross UKI recommend a couple of articles critical of the legacy of Isabel II and the capacity of Carlos III.

The deadliest summer since 1950

This weekend we have published a data report which tries to delve into a disturbing fact: Spain has registered 20,000 more deaths this summer than usual. We are talking about what has been the June, July and August with the most deaths since 1950. Yes, worse than in 2020, the main year of the pandemic. Is it because of the heat? Is it because the health system has been very taken and does not recover? Just look at the graph:

Mortality in the summer of 2022 in each community

Evolution of the total number of deaths and per million inhabitants each summer (June, July and August) from 1975 to the present in each autonomous community. The 2021 data is the provisional death toll Y 2022 figures are underestimated

Source: INE, MoMo (ISCIII)

  • Tell me your zip code and I’ll tell you who you are. In this article it abounds in one of the mantras of public management in matters such as health or education: it does not matter how healthy your parents were or how intelligent you are; what really determines your health and your future is where you live, your economic environment, your access to resources.

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things i didn’t know

  • He did not know nothing about the world of urban fossils and in this blog I have gotten the bug. It turns out that in many floors of our cities, in doorways or stairs, if we look closely, we will see shapes, for example, of a snail that indicate that there, in the rock from which that slab was extracted, there is a petrified snail or ammonite shell. . There are people who do maps and guides to explore them.
  • He did not know that there is a rare condition that some nursing mothers suffer from called “rusty pipe syndrome”. The milk that comes out of the breast is orange-brown in color, caused by traces of blood passing into the milk ducts. Although the look is alarming, the experts say that it does not have to be worrying and that it passes after a few days. Via this pediatrician.
  • I didn’t know the accent of Las Hurdes Altas, an area of ​​Extremadura to the north of the province of Cáceres that has its own linguistic heritage, a speech, an accent, which of course has been stigmatized as a minority, of the poor, who will die with the old people who he keeps talking about it. This young boy has decided to divulge it.

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