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That Cospedal is not talked about

There is a judge who, let’s be clear, is fixated on Podemos and is benevolent towards the PP. For whatever reason. This Tuesday has shown it again: Downplays the new Villarejo audios that prove that Cospedal was interested in covering up the Bárcenas case at all costs and that he conspired with the sewers. He refuses to blame her.

Today Ignacio Escolar publishes one of those articles that make you an accurate x-ray of a little explored corner of the map. He explains who Judge García Castellón is: “The judge who is investigating the Kitchen operation and who refuses to charge Cospedal was paid for 17 years in positions appointed by the Aznar and Rajoy governments.” The Judiciary, meanwhile, is already formally breaking the law for not renewing the Constitutional.

  • That there is no talk of dead immigrants. The vote against the PSOE, together with the PP and Vox, has prevented the opening of a commission of inquiry in Congress on the episode of the deaths on the Melilla border and the dozens of unidentified bodies in Morocco. They have also knocked down another one on the police sewer to attack Podemos.

And that we don’t talk about the banks

Do you agree that the big electricity companies pay a special tax for a few months so that there is a public return of the enormous profits from the rise in prices? PP and Vox, No. In reality, the important thing is that those who said yes are the majority and the process continues, but on this issue the list of secondary details is striking: it turns out that the plan that the PP has been preparing as an alternative to the government’s measures against the crisis is copiedbut literally, from a document of the Xunta that already existed.

  • Inflation keeps rolling. The falling prices of gasoline do not puncture the bubble, especially since food is skyrocketing: in August, the rate of price increase was 10%. More data

The gestures of Carlos III

Charles of England aka Charles III is on a roll. In just a week of reign he has already starred in two uncomfortable moments before the cameras. today on the podcastwe review the life of the new monarch looking for those uncontrolled gestures that define his character and we’ll see if his reign.

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in today’s chapter

  • save the king. Has premiered HBO a documentary about King Juan Carlos I which is one of those that you have to see in order to later be able to say, smugly, “well, this was already known”. Yes, but you have to tell it so that more people know. Among other things, it is seen how the secret services operated to protect the king, and very serious things are said about 23-F.
  • Alcarràs. The film ‘Alcarràs’, by Carla Simón, is the one chosen by the Spanish academy to try to be nominated for an Oscar in the category of Best International Film. People who know say it is “a masterpiece”, history of our cinema. It can be seen on Filmin or Amazon.
  • have already been awarded this year’s emmys. The most awarded series, all recommended in this newsletter, are Succession, Ted Lasso and White Lotus (here they tell you what they are about and where to see them).

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