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half full

Today we are going to try to see the glass as half full. Inflation may have peakedexperts say. The Government cap on the price of gas, which has been in operation for three months, has resulted in savings for consumers of 2,300 million euros, we have paid 35% less for electricity than in France. Brussels hopes to raise 140,000 million with a new cap on the benefits of energythat we explain to you here.

In the face of all this urgent regulatory wave that brings together different political currents in Europe, Feijóo is being forced to rectify his approaches. He is no longer against a tax on electricity companies, only the one proposed by Sánchez. The one in Brussels seems fine to him. It is basically the same.

  • Next frontier, mortgages. The next debate that can be opened from the left is that of limit by law the sudden rise in mortgages in the face of rising interest rates. It is a bit strange how this would fit legally, because precisely the objective of the Central Bank, which is the one that has the powers in Europe, is to scare people who have mortgages and do not spend.

Let’s not forget that all this depends on what happens in Ukraine, so we look askance at least. Here a full explanation of what is at stake in the coming weeks of war and how that can affect us.


We got it. Here you can read yourself (there are more than 1,200 pages, you will know) the sentence of the Supreme Court that confirms harsh prison sentences for the case of the ERE for the former president of the Board, José Antonio Griñán, and several directors and senior officials linked to the PSOE of Andalusia. We already knew about their sentences, but now we have the explanation and justification. He says things like: “The existence of a serious social crisis does not qualify or is a reason to grant subsidies outside the law.”

The condemned now have something to cling to: the decision of the Supreme Court is not unanimous, two magistrates explain on their own that the prison sentence it seems disproportionate. It’s can facilitate a possible appeal before the Constitutional Court and adds legitimacy to those who assure that, if it is not solved in another way, the Government should pardon them.

  • internal affairs. Meanwhile, in a distant galaxy, Judge García Castellón is determined not to even charge María Dolores de Cospedal despite the fact that from Internal Affairs of the Police they have insisted: The new recordings of the former general secretary of the PP are “directly related” to the operation to cover up the corruption that he is investigating.

how is the yard

today on the podcastWe are talking about the schoolyard. Yes, that nondescript place that in most centers is almost monopolized by cement courts to play soccer. What dynamics are caused by the type of patios we have? What does this place teach us, which is actually the first public space we share when we are sponges? It’s an interesting chapter and also has a cameo a bit special for me :-).

Thank you. While we’re at it, I want to thank you for giving the podcast such a warm welcome this September back to work. We’ve been through 8 episodes and we’re still breaking listening records. It’s going to be a great month, there are more and more of you.

don’t miss it

  • leds. A study warns of the growing presence in the cities of streetlights with LED bulbs that emit bluish light, whose damage to fauna and the effects on, for example, the quality of sleep are beginning to be documented. The “blue light” does not suit us very well.
  • don’t save the queen. in this report You will find the least told side of the farewell to Queen Elizabeth II: in countries like Kenya, which suffered the harsh and racist hand of British rule under her Crown, not everyone says goodbye with such sadness.
  • My citizen portfolio. The Government has just launched a mobile app to gather our information that appears in different public administrations: appointments, consultation of files, alerts to renew the DNI or the ITV… It is in the testing phase. From the little we’ve tested, there are still major bugs, but if it ends up working fine it can be very useful. Here you can download it.

in today’s chapter

  • I didn’t know the story of why the wise man Baltasar is black. Obviously, Baltasar did not exist, in fact the Bible does not name three wise men but some unspecified wise men from the East. In the Middle Ages, they are named and numbered. And about the fifteenth century, Baltasar, who was white, becomes black in paintings and sculptures. Why? For the same reason that now pisses off the most reactionary when they see another fictional character, The Little Mermaid, with black skin: to better represent Catholic diversity and to expand the market (in this case, for another large factory of children’s stories , church). More details on ABCvia this tweet.
  • He did not know that the game of parcheesi has its origin in India. “Parchís” comes from “pachisi” or “pacisi”, which means “Twenty-five”. The pachisi board is shaped like a cross and is inspired by the emperor’s garden games Akbar the Greatwith its throne in the center, to which the players had to reach, converted into life-size tiles. yes, the players, young women from his harem, who “disputed” to win over the emperor. The next time you play Parcheesi, remember: deep down, it’s a sexual fantasy.
  • He did not know that the Nao Victoria, the first ship that circumnavigated the world from 1519 to 1522, it was auctioned a few months after making history and ended up sinking unnoticed on her second trip to cross the Atlantic. The other day I visited your replica, and it is impressive to imagine being stuck there on the high seas for years. I also did not know that in Euskadi an investigation ensures that the name of the ship was not Victoria but Vitorialike the city.

Well, nothing until here. Tomorrow we read, it’s Friday.

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