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A map

A group of United Nations researchers has published this map which is trying to begin to identify the damage in the Ukrainian city of Mariupol, where Russia is baiting without even opening humanitarian corridors.

Location of the Destroyed or severely damaged buildings and buildings with moderate damage

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Source: Unitar/Unosat

as it counts this report, the city is full of burnt-out blocks of flats, corpses in the streets, and civilians afraid to leave. The only two international journalists left in Mariupol they had to go. Before they have published images like this:

the war diary Today leaves us with the first serious attacks in Odessa and the bombing of a shopping center where Russia assures that Ukraine kept a military arsenal.

The negotiations do not advance much. The Ukrainian president assures that will submit any peace agreement to a referendum.

An army. Perhaps we are seeing the birth of something of historical consequence. The 27 countries that make up the European Union have agreed to form a military intervention force with 5,000 European soldiers from different countries. Josep Borrell is the architect of the idea and makes various rhetorical tricks to define these “forces” making it clear that “it is not an Army” or even a “military union”. These are sensitive issues, with legal and ideological complications in each country, but no matter how much it is denied, this is what it is and it is the first obvious step towards European armed forces. “Europe is in danger,” says Borrell.

A desert

today on the podcast, we try to understand why Spain has taken the controversial and surprising decision to turn its back on the Saharawi people and support Western Sahara as an “autonomy” of Morocco. A bit of history, a bit of geopolitics and a bit of economic interests. All crossed in the middle of the desert.

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everything is politics

  • Rosalia. Rosalía’s new album is the most listened to and commented on these days. ‘Motomami’ talks a lot about fame and money (and that bores me) but it also leaves some feminist clues about desire (me, in favor of Hentai) and delves into the tension between the classic and the viral. More perspective here and a song by song analysis.
  • Dua Lipa. It is very interesting how TikTok is conditioning the debates about the copyright of songs. The artists popularize small fragments of their songs on social networks, which raises blisters in the use of melodies similar to others used before. And in that universe we suddenly find a meeting point between Dua Lipa and Miguel Bosé.

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