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The word ‘mileurismo’ has had many political meanings in our country: remember that until 2008, when Spain thought it was going full steam ahead, being a mileurista was equivalent to being tight on money. “My son is a mileurista”, some parents said, worried. “Well, I’m a mileurista”, you heard from people who wanted to clarify that they didn’t charge too much. Starting in 2011, when the myths of the political debate in Spain with 15M exploded and all the crap came out, we realized that being a mileurista was almost a privilege to which the youngest could not access. Ten years later, mileurismo becomes the minimum wage in Spain. It is considered the basics to be able to face the cost of living.

This time the CEOE does not agreebut the Government, unlike what it did with the labor reform, has approved the measure without the approval of the employers and with the support of the unions. Yolanda Diaz takes a breath. The raise applies from January 1 this year, retroactively; that is, the companies must compensate what the workers benefited by the measure have not entered in the last payroll.

  • And speaking of working conditions, Albert Rivera asks for compensation for his departure from the firm that signed him for 500 days per year worked. When he led Ciudadanos, he proposed that it be 20 days for the common mortals.

Because of you

today on the podcast we look inside the Church, where thousands of cases of sexual abuse have been hidden for decades and are slowly beginning to surface. Who pushes for justice and catharsis? Who stops it?

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  • murdered. A 17 year old girl has been murdered by her ex-partner in Murcia. He, 19, has confessed. The case raises alarms again: the problem also occurs among people who have grown up in a country that is more aware of the problem.
  • Ukraine. Are you interested in Bernie Sanders’ opinion on the risk of armed conflict between Russia and NATO? Here it is in Spanish.

things i didn’t know

  • I didn’t know the story of Maus, the comic that despite having mice and cats as protagonists, is considered one of the best non-fiction graphic novels. A classic that won a Pulitzer. In this Twitter thread it explains how history is built, which is a tribute to the victims of the Nazi Holocaust.
  • I didn’t know the explanation that linguists give to why in almost all the languages ​​of the world mothers are called with a very similar word: mama, mum, mamma… And the reason is simple and wonderful: ‘ma’ or ‘pa’ they are the first syllables that babies can say and, simply, we take them for granted, we reinforce that stimulus and they end up having that meaning. Okay, Lirondos explains it better here.
  • He did not know that Ana Torroja is heiress to a Marquisate. Singer It’s been a few days Marchioness of Torroja, a distinction for which his recognized tax crimes worth 1.5 million euros have not been an obstacle. The title was granted by Franco to his grandfather, Eduardo Torroja, a famous engineer of the time known as “The Wizard of Reinforced Concrete”, a nickname that could perfectly be the title of a song composed by Nacho Cano.

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