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all under control

Four days before the elections in Castilla y Le贸n and with the vote on the labor reform still hot, we have interviewed the Prime Minister.

Pedro S谩nchez assures that “stability is guaranteed and the health of the coalition government is armored” and that the problems between PSOE and United We Can are nothing compared to what happens “with the conservative coalitions of Murcia, Madrid and Castilla y Le贸n” . Here the full interview made by Ignacio Escolar.

C&L. Yesterday we asked ourselves in the podcast if the seats won by the parties presented under the umbrella brand of ‘Empty Spain’ could be decisive and if they are forces that can give their support to the left if the sum allows it. Today we scratch something else on that matter: The dominant position does not seem to make ideological vetoes, although neither does it veto the extreme right.

  • another argument. Now that the PP already admits that what happened to its deputy in the vote on the labor reform was not a computer error, it takes the debate to the next trench: no one from Congress confirmed the telematic vote by telephone, with which the protocol was not complied with . It is not true either: the norm was changed and the PP voted in favor of suspending phone check.

“A mistake”

It is the first time that I read a text in the first person by Gonzalo Cortizo, one of the co-founders of elDiario.es who now directs our newsroom in Galicia. He has decided to tell what he himself saw and lived in a religious school from Santiago de Compostela. Violence, abuse, normalization. “Sometimes I think that was another dark zone of the Transition, in which we children could not get home telling strange things because the country was going like a shot and if the teacher had given you the shit, you would have done something wrong “.

  • and Ayuso, Meanwhile, he has referred to the abuses within the Church as “a mistake” and says that “all institutions make mistakes” and that less talk about that and more about how beautiful the cathedrals are. He has also saying: “My grandparents never told me about the Civil War because they wanted me free from hate.” And she has added a phrase that sums it up well: “We are not going to go into the background because that is what they intend.” devastating.


I don’t know if you knew that there is a Spanish vaccine against the coronavirus that is close to seeing the light. Right now there are a few thousand people in Spain who are testing it, as volunteers in the last phase of the trials.

today on the podcast We talked to one of those people, Pampa G. Molina, who is a scientific journalist, so in addition to telling us about the experience of participating in a trial like this, she explains what is behind this new brand: Hipra.

  • At recess without a mask. girls and boys they will be able to go out to the schoolyard without masks. The Ministry of Health has confirmed this: children over 6 years of age must continue to use it in class but they can take it off at recess because it is an open space, where masks will no longer be mandatory as of tomorrow.
  • Data. The incidence has continued to fall very fast during the last few days. It is below 1,900 cases. But remember that in November we were below 50. We still have a long way to go. And another 361 deaths have been reported in a single day. Here we are:

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  • SMI. The CEOE has unanimously rejected Yolanda D铆az’s proposal to increase the minimum wage to 1,000 euros this year. The leader of the self-employed association ATA says that would do “terrible harm to small businesses and self-employed employers”.
  • Sabotage. A computer scientist at Banco Santander blocked 3,000 computers of the company and paralyzed the operation of 20 branches throughout Spain. He did it after being fired, although it has not been determined in court if he did it for that reason. He has been sentenced to three years in prison.

in today’s chapter

  • Storm. My colleagues on the podcast, Carmen Ib谩帽ez and Izaskun P茅rez, have recommended several times this week that I listen to ‘The Coming Storm’, a BBC podcast that investigates the origin of the assault on the Capitol. 鈥淚t’s a great investigation that asks the right questions and doesn’t treat the assailants just like a bunch of wackos,鈥 Carmen tells me. It’s in English.
  • The Paradise. I’m reading a book Paradise Chronicles, which a Colombian journalist gave me a few days ago in Bogot谩. It is a compilation of the work of one of the country’s great chroniclers, Patricia Nieto, which serves to understand a people that has suffered armed violence for decades. A jewel, in case you are interested in the subject or the format.
  • entrev铆as. In Telecinco they have premiered a new series with great success. It stars Jose Coronado. With success also comes controversy, which Here is El Confidencial, because it’s called ‘Entrev铆as’ and takes place in the Madrid neighborhood of the same name. The neighborhood is painted as a very rough place. “Shitty ecosystem,” one character calls it. It would be one more clich茅 if it weren’t for the fact that it reinforces a real political message.

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