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An accident or a trend

the extreme right enters Spain for the first time in the kitchen of a regional government. The PP has given Vox the vice presidency of Castilla y León, the presidency of the regional parliament and three government ministries. They have not yet specified more, but we can imagine it.

The agreement has become an embarrassment for the European right in just a few hours. The president of the European PP disapproves of the pact: Donald Tusk says that breaking the cordon sanitaire with the extreme right is a “capitulation” and that he hopes it is “an accident” and not a “trend.” Just yesterday Pablo Casado said goodbye to his community colleagues and has marked distances: he has boasted that his legacy at the head of the PP has been “not governing with the extreme right and fighting corruption.” We could also remember that the early election that has caused all this was his idea.

By the way, these statements by Donald Tusk do not arise by spontaneous generation. As Pablo Suanzes has very generously explained on Twitter, a colleague from El Mundo, was the correspondent for in Brussels, Andrés Gil, who went to Paris to ask about the matter at a meeting of conservative leaders. His words are news in all the media.

Quick war, cold war or world war?

We have been two weeks into a war that we thought would never come and when it came we thought it would be a matter of days. And now, what scenarios can we face? Is it going to be resolved quickly or can it get even more complicated?

today on the podcast We discussed possible scenarios with analysts with military experience.

  • war diary: international condemnation of the attack on the Mariupol maternity hospital and stalled negotiations.
  • Spain, gas storage? Dependence on Russia resurrects the project of turning Spain into a gas store for Europe. For that, a new gas pipeline must be built with European funds.
  • And today we welcome Mariangela Paone, a new colleague who will cover international information for her premiere, no less than from Ukraine.

don’t miss it

  • Pederasty. Congress has approved the commission of the Ombudsman to investigate sexual abuse in the Church. The formula has cost but has finally been defined with the consensus of PNV, PSOE, PP, United We Can, ERC… Vox has voted against.
  • dismissal for paternity. A worker who had communicated that he would have a child, and also planned for him to take paternity leave, was fired a month before the baby was born. There is still hope: the company has been fined and the worker, readmitted.
  • Gabriel Boric will officially take office today as Chile’s new president. The left has enormous expectations of a young leader who connects the old causes of the Latin American left with the new international progressive agendas. A few weeks ago we dedicate a podcast.

Trivial Tertullian

Blue – On the shore of which sea is the Ukrainian city of Mariupol?

pink – Which television presenter has been fired from Telecinco after a live discussion about vaccines?

Yellow – In what year was the first McDonald’s opened in Moscow?

Brown – What is the name of the High Representative for Foreign Policy of the European Union?

Green – What caught the Endurance, the mythical ship that has just been found at the bottom of the Antarctic Ocean?

Orange – Which two famous chess players have expressed opposing views regarding the Russian invasion of Ukraine?



Blue – Black Sea

pink – Peace Padilla

Yellow – 1990

Brown -Joseph Borrell

Green – The ice.

OrangeKarpov and Kasparov


On Monday we read each other again.

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