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V for Friday and Let’s go to the mess. Hello.

An international report says that current news has ceased to be as interesting as it used to be in Spain. That makes the media have it a little more difficult. To you, who maintain interest in difficult times, we need you more than ever.

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where does the day go

electrified tax

United We Can continue to pressure the PSOE to to urgently process a tax on electricity companies that reverts to public aid in the midst of a price crisis. The PSOE says that it is better to do it within the Budgets, for next year. Yolanda Díaz, María Jesús Montero and Teresa Ribera have crossed arguments this week. What is the proposal of each one? Implying? What legal complications and pressures could the measure face? A false move on an issue with so many interests and cross pressures can give the Government a good shock, but the truth is that there are already sectors where the Corporation tax is different and in fact the tax on the profit of banks and oil companies already It is higher than that of other companies. And that was approved by Rajoy. We analyze it here.

War and inflation are making us poorer. There are people for whom the margin of impoverishment before reaching a dramatic limit is very narrow: half a million people live at risk of exclusion without appearing in the official figures. Here the data broken down by cities.

The money junkie

today on the podcast We talk about money, love, redemption and above all corruption. We do it through the ‘money junkie’, one of the characters that most fascinates me in Spanish corruption. We learn a lot with him.

… and on Sunday, election night

On Sunday we have elections in Andalusia. Important for all of Spain too. Will there be a miracle on the left? Will the PP get an absolute majority so as not to depend on Vox? Will Macarena Olona look like a vice president?

The colleagues at elDiario.es/Andalucía are ready to tell you everything. Look at this to everything they already have: interviews with the candidates, reports, the campaign diary of Isabel Pedrote and Javier Aroca… There is everything. Sunday stay tuned to social networks and to the cover of elDiario.es because you will have all the data from the count live and the best analysis afterwards.

As an appetizer you have this compendium of data that draws the anatomy of a rollover, the one that Andalusia gave from left to right four years ago. The poorest neighborhoods and municipalities vote to the left, but it is precisely these places that abstain the most. The poorer, the emptier the ballot boxes.

This other chart got me thinking.

don’t miss it

tertullian trivia

Blue – What is the capital of Australia?

Pink – What typical sweet was the protagonist of the last debate between candidates for the Junta de Andalucía?

Yellow – Who was the mayor of Barcelona during the Barcelona ’92 Olympic Games?

Brown – What is the name of the Italian Prime Minister?

Green – What happens if we touch today the lava flows that the volcano of La Palma expelled months ago?

Orange – Which Spanish athlete suffers from Müller-Weiss syndrome, a degenerative injury that causes constant pain?


Blue -Canberra

Pink – The French toasts

Yellow -Pasqual Maragall

Brown – Mario Draghi

Green – That we burned.

Orange – Rafael Nadal


We’ll read each other on Monday with the results in hand, although I’ll be active on social networks on Sunday.


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