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Spain will have the lowest electricity VAT in Europe. The Government has decided to reduce it again: was at 10%, will be at 5%. We have spoken with forward-thinking experts and they do not share the measure: lowering the VAT for everyone equally benefits above all those who spend the most, that is, those who have the most money. And the previous decrease is not that it has served to contain the rise in prices.

Moncloa is aware of all this, in fact it is a measure that he refused a few months ago when it was proposed by Alberto Núñez Feijóo. In addition, the European Commission requested by letter to the governments that did not lower the rates because in the end the electric companies do not fully apply the reduction. That they leave the price the same and keep the difference, come on.

Pedro Sánchez seeks with this announcement to reactivate the political initiative against the economic crisis after the poor results of the left in Andalusia. He says that this is just one of the decisions, more to be announced soon. His partners, both within the Government and in Congress, demand “much more courageous” actions. While, the drop in corporate income tax collection drives inequality in Spain. However, the market seems considers it quite solid to the Spanish economy compared to others.

Amazing? Not much. But for the record. Rajoy’s Interior Minister told us several times that he never met with Commissioner Villarejo, sauce of all the sewers. It was a lie. A recording confirms that they not only dispatched but also gave him instructions to orchestrate what we know as Operation Catalunya, an extrajudicial mission to irregularly investigate pro-independence politicians.

Fernández Díaz lied to us and that was part of the plan: “I will deny even under torture that this meeting has ever existed”. It’s tremendous. Fernández Díaz is accused in this matter and also in another in Andorra: this is how that political brigade blackmailed a bank to release information about the Pujols. Rajoy is also charged in this case investigated by the Andorran justice system. In Spain no one dares.

today on the podcast, we are talking about the resignation of Mónica Oltra, who has ceased to be vice president of the Generalitat Valenciana after being charged in a very thorny case, where a background of sexual abuse, a judicial war from the extreme right and internal government tensions are mixed. In short, a combination that leaves us with many doubts and contradictions that we try to analyze.


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