Friday, May 20

📩 NEWSLETTER | behind the mask

Let’s go to the mess. Good Morning.

where does the day go

masks out

In a literal sense, it seems that we will stop wearing a mask On April 20.

In a figurative sense, some are already beginning to lose their masks and a management of the pandemic is being exposed that will probably last years of revision. The Anticorruption Prosecutor accuses two ‘achievers’ to take advantage of their friendship with a relative of the mayor of Madrid, Martínez Almeida, to sell them masks for the local police or firefighters. In addition, investigate the millionaire commissions they charged and the price of the operation, exaggeratedly high: They sold gloves for 1.8 euros that were worth much less than half in the supermarket.

With their commission under their arms, to give you an idea, these Madrid jet set businessmen They bought a Lamborghini, a Ferrari and a yacht. One of these self-made men is Luis Medina Abascal, Duke of Feria, a businessman with no business activity. famous and well connected. I suppose that this is what they call socialite and it seems that yes, that it feeds.

The political earthquake that this may end up generating if the suspicions of the Prosecutor’s Office are confirmed is not small. In the City Hall there is already motions for a motion of censure. Almeida admits that spoke with one of the brokers. If they ask you, remember: this whole story uncovered it a week ago.

From Guernica to Bucha

today on the podcastwe pull the thread with which Zelensky has stirred up Spanish politics: the comparison of what happened in Gernika during the Civil War with what is happening in various Ukrainian cities.

We have found a Francoist documentary from 1937 that tried to convince the Spanish that it had been the Republicans who had destroyed Gernika, that it was all a set-up. Still today, some defend it. Let’s see if it sounds like you.

Time is running out

This week I have not paid the attention that I should (thanks to Laureà, a partner, for giving me a warning) to the latest reports on climate change. In fact, that has given me an idea for the podcast, but I’ll tell you tomorrow.

The UN Scientific Panel on Climate Change can’t say it any more clearly: “It’s now or never”. Either we drastically cut CO2 emissions now or we will not be able to limit global warming before the consequences are disastrous and irreversible. Before the pandemic, the annual average of greenhouse gas emissions has been at its maximum; after the pandemic, the climate crisis seems the last of the political urgencies. Bad look. For the next time a report like the one published this week comes out, maybe it’s already too late.

This Wednesday, a group of activists has protested before Congress by political passivity in the face of this problem. To attract their attention, some have thrown red paint on the main façade of the Congress. That, and a sit-in in the square opposite, the Police did not like, and they were evicted.

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things i didn’t know

  • He did not knowand I have learned doing today’s podcast, that there are historians who They say Picasso he was inspired by the La Desbandá massacre to paint some of the scenes for his ‘Guernica’. Like the one you see above. In fact, according to researcher Josefina Alix, Picasso could have already had sketches of the painting before the bombing (and after La Desbandá) and acted quickly after the attack in the Basque town. Picasso was also clever.
  • He did not know that there is a thing called “small dog syndrome” and that explains why some breeds like chihuahuas tend to be aggressive and nervous. Some say that this attitude is instinctive, to aggressively compensate for the vulnerability that its size conveys. But most experts say that it is actually the fault of the owners, that rudely educate them and usually allow behaviors which normally cut fast on larger dogs.
  • He did not know that the reason we go to the bathroom more often when we drink alcohol is because alcohol blocks the functioning of a hormone in our body, arginine vasopressin or antidiuretic, which is responsible for reabsorbing water in the kidneys. If the kidney does not ‘sponge’, then the liquid continues its way to the bladder. And, furthermore, as less water passes through the body, we become thirstier. And keep drinking.