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where does the day go

to the rich brick

Inflation, the rush to buy before interest rates rise, the accumulated desire for a change of scenery during the pandemic… the real estate market has skyrocketed. Not enough for there to be a bubble, but enough for the rise to once again leave behind a generation “trapped” in rent and without the ability to save for an entry. More details here.

the brick vultures. today on the podcast We are talking about vulture funds. They are the largest homeowners in our big cities, but hardly anyone knows them. They are fuel for the price fire, but hardly anyone controls them. They don’t call them vulture funds by chance.

Double serving of One Theme A Day. On Friday we were at the Book Fair, recording a special chapter with the public. We invite Antonio Maestre, a contributor to, Álvaro Llorca, editor of the Libros del KO publishing house, and Elena Cabrera, head of Culture at It was very exciting to do it live. This is how it has been:

From the Book Fair: why do journalists write books?

  • And for dessert. This afternoon at 5:30 p.m., we will upload a video so you can see how we did it. can be seen here.


three policemen They have been charged with the shooting death of a 21-year-old on the landing of his apartment in Vallecas. His name was Kebyn Brayan Asencio, of Spanish nationality, of Dominican parents. The cops say the kid had a knife; they fired 18 times.

Here a reconstruction of the events.

election environment

We have taken a look at the small print of the CIS. The secret of the PP’s rebound is that it widens: it recovers the center vote and does not lose it on the right. The Government has one year to avoid the end of the cycle and Pedro Sanchez already preparing a change of strategy (and ministers?) for the coming course, the eve of municipal elections. Before, right now, on 19J, the Andalusians play, and the PSOE calls for resistance against the extreme right and the pride of what has been their historical fiefdom. This question that our colleagues from Cordópolis are asking is interesting:the new Andalusianism will be translated into votes who seems booming on social networks?

  • A sunset. We are already clear about something: Feijóo does not have much talent for irony, wink, sympathy. The last one is that has been planted in Granada to say that Bill Clinton was wrong and that the best sunset is not there but in Fisterra.

don’t miss it

Nothing has occurred here

February 6, 2014 was one of the most intense days of my life as a journalist. 14 migrants drowned trying to swim around the Ceuta border breakwater. As they swam, 16 civil guards fired smoke canisters and rubber bullets at them. The Ministry of the Interior lied to us, told us that none of that had happened, and thanks to victims, witnesses and the collection of images we were able to prove what the Spanish agents did. From the first minute and for years, my colleague Gabriela Sánchez has documented what happened there. We present everything we know in this special.

Those ‘deaths of Tarajal’ are one of those issues that get inside you and end up being so annoying that 8 years later you dedicate a few paragraphs to it in a newsletter. I’m sorry, but I confess that today I am very frustrated. The Supreme Court has ruled that the civil guards who threw anti-riot objects on people who were drowning they did not break the law. Well, nothing. Everything’s fine.

things i didn’t know

  • He did not know that long hair was the subject of a political battle between the Spanish sailors. In 1809, José Bonaparte ordered in Spain that the soldiers of the Navy were with short hair, for aesthetics and hygiene. There were protests because long hair served, they argued, as a last resort to get you out of the water if you fell. Hence the expression “narrowly escape”.
  • He did not know, since we are with the sayings, what is the origin of the expression “cost an arm and a leg”. Diego de Almagro, a 16th-century Spanish conquistador, lost his eye to an arrow shot by an indigenous man in present-day Colombia. “The business of defending the interests of the Crown has cost me an arm and a leg”, they say he said.
  • I didn’t know the evolutionary reason roses smell good. It is not by human selection but millions of years ago a virus triggered random mutations. One was a higher generation of geraniol, which gives the flower its scent. That made it more attractive to pollinators, and it became the best version of the flower for posterity.


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