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The European Medicines Agency has given the green light for countries to authorize vaccination for girls and boys between 5 and 11 years old. It will be with two doses, although each of them in tighter amounts. A children’s version of the vaccine, produced by Pfizer. Spain is for the work.

As they are not vaccinated, childhood is the segment of the population with the highest incidence: in Spain, children under 11 years of age have a rate of 252 cases, with very high peaks such as those of Navarra (1,039) or the Basque Country (746) .

Science has already proven that the vaccine is effective and safe for children, although there is a deep ethical debate: in rich countries we are going to vaccinate healthy children, with ages in which Covid-19 does not develop significant symptoms, while there are vulnerable people in Africa or Asia without even a dose. But, of course, if they are authorized, let’s not fool ourselves: we will put them on. One more contradiction for the list.

  • In France there will be a third dose for everyone, restrictions are increased for those who do not get vaccinated, and the mask is once again mandatory in the office. In Portugal, with high immunization rates, the state of alarm returns. More examples from our environment.

In Spain the real effects of the sixth wave on deaths, positivity, ICU admissions are not dramatic, but the contagion curve continues to rise. Rate we already have it in 160 cases.

This photo looks little

The same thing you do not recognize almost anyone, between the mask and the distance, but the representatives of PSOE, United We Can, PP, Citizens, ERC… All except Vox are in the same photo. They have signed together the State Pact against sexist violence, which guarantees “stable and sufficient public financing, regardless of the economic cycle” and shield the funds destined for specialized non-profit organizations.

  • Call of justice. A storm of reports of sexual abuse has unleashed at the top and at the heart of one of the most powerful video game companies in the world, factory of titles such as Call of Duty. The most dramatic event was that of the employee who committed suicide after they shared intimate photos during a Christmas dinner. But there is everything.

The civil servant who saved a Picasso

In the summer of 2015, a sumptuous 65-meter long sailboat docked in the port of Calvi, in Corsica. The French customs police broke into the boat looking for a painting by Pablo Picasso by order of Spain. It was the canvas ‘Head of a young woman’, which the Civil Guard had been searching for months. The owner of the painting was the banker Jaime Botín.

Today on the podcast, we tell you the story of an official who saved a Picasso.

For you to watch as you listen, this is the chart:

Do not pass

  • English Channel. 27 people have died trying to cross the English Channel from France to the United Kingdom. Both countries try to blame themselves for the tragedy, but it is not a one-off phenomenon: in the first ten months of 2021, 25,700 people tried to cross the channel compared to 9,500 in 2020.

Tertullian Trivial

Blue – Capital of Belarus?

pink – What folkloric said that if each Spaniard gave her a peseta, she would not have to pay her debt to the Treasury?

Yellow – How much was the paternity leave for the birth of a child until 2006?

Brown – Who presides over Banco Santander?

Green – What is the name of the insect that devastated the vineyards in France and Spain in the 19th century?

Orange – Which French footballer has been convicted of participating in a sexual blackmail of a teammate?


Blue – Minsk.

pink – Lola Flores.

Yellow – Two days.

Brown – Ana Patricia Botín.

Green – Phylloxera.

Orange – Karim Benzema.

Enjoy the weekend. We read on Monday.

A hug!


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