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Today we tell you that the Government is preparing an imminent regulation so that all companies have mechanisms to guarantee the mental health of its workers. The document that makes up this proposal pays special attention to suicide, although it does not detail specific economic items.

Mental health is becoming the new flag of the left to conquer transversal territories. As with feminism or the environment, a new generation of young people is little by little convincing their elders that the debate on mental health must be led far beyond where it is and for that we must touch some of the foundations that perhaps those older ones took for solid. As with feminism or the environment, you cannot talk about mental health not to mention labor rights, from our value system, of Education, from families.

Yesterday Guillermo Zapata shared this meme-vignette On twitter:

Curve up

The sixth wave accelerates. Infections triple in 60 municipalities of more than 40,000 inhabitants. In capitals such as Huesca, Cáceres or Badajoz, the incidence has multiplied by six in two weeks.

With omicron, we continue the same. Waiting for science to tell us more about the thirty mutations that continue to generate alarm. It is already quite clear that the variant has been in Europe for weeks, and has been detected for example in samples of wastewater in Barcelona or in a patient landed in the last hours in the Balearic Islands from South Africa.

Random quarantine. Spain orders that people who are close contact of infected with the new variant they will have to quarantine, even if they are vaccinated. For this to be generalized, people who test positive would have to know which variant they are infected with and that is not seen in a PCR or basic antigen test. So this will end up being something that affects only the “suspect” cases around an outbreak or random traces.

  • In Italy, a benchmark of the anti-vaccine movement has been infected with Covid-19 and has had to be hospitalized. Since your admission has confessed his mistake: “Get the vaccine because it saves your life.”

Wild horse lasagna

This story has caught our attention so much that we have dedicated it today’s podcast. It turns out that entire litters of wild horses are disappearing from the mountains of southern Galicia. Three gangs are hunting the animals to smuggle their meat. The Civil Guard is investigating whether it is being used to make food products processed in Portugal, such as lasagna. There are all the details.

Don’t let it pass you

  • Pasta. The government has improved the rate of execution of European funds planned for this year, they were arriving too slowly at their set destination. The figure has doubled in three months and now we are at 43.1% of what was approved for 2021: 10,425 million.
  • The thriller of the approval of the Budgets continues to be entangled with the Catalan quota on Netflix. Here we explain the key point of the European directive on which the PSOE and ERC continue to discuss.
  • Look at the messages your partner, spying on his phone or his mail, can have very serious consequences. In a trial for sexist violence, the judge has added two and a half years in prison to the aggressor for having spied on your WhatsApp before hitting her.

Things i didn’t know

  • He did not know that there is a radio program on the BBC on which he bears a great responsibility: nuclear submarines on incommunicado missions maintain a signal to detect that the ‘Today’ program is broadcast and therefore the world is still standing. If there is no program for three days in a row, the nuclear war protocol is triggered. The program was interrupted on Monday, but it was only 30 minutes. False alarm.
  • He did not know, because I never studied Greek (ESO things), that the letter omicron that gives its name to the variant of the coronavirus corresponds to a small ‘o’. If you notice: ‘o micro’ means ‘O small’. The ‘big o’ is a mega-o, that is, ‘Omega’. They are two different letters, it is not that they are the lowercase and the uppercase. I have read it to Toño FraguasThat one knows Greek and knows Latin.
  • He did not know, I am already sorry for the ignorance that I am displaying today, that Barbados had belonged to the British Commonwealth and that its head of state was Queen Elizabeth II until this week. The Caribbean territory has become a republic to leave behind the colonial past. Follow in the footsteps that Mauritius, Trinidad and Tobago or Dominica took decades ago.

Come on, tomorrow is Friday. Here we will be, although then we go to the bridge :).

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