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confessional army

The Army has dismissed a chief captain for leading a battalion of soldiers to receive a blessing no less than before the cross of the Valley of the Fallen. It had to be the military themselves who ended up leaking the images of a company from the Army receiving the blessing of a priest from the Francoist mausoleum. Here you can see the video of the moment.

Perhaps with the Valle de los Caídos red lines have been crossed, but the examples of the Army behaving as if Spain were a confessional State are not few. More than 400 soldiers have paraded in Holy Week processions this year. And Defense says that, well, these religious acts help to promote the work of the Army. Religion as a showcase to gain sympathy. A classic for politics too.

But we all know that connection runs deeper. A unit of the Legion is still allowed to carry Francisco Franco in his name. It is the I Flag ‘Comandante Franco’.

Four years

Four years ago today this headline: “The motion of censure goes ahead: Congress appoints Pedro Sánchez as President of the Government”. That day the political career of Mariano Rajoy ended and the turra of the “illegitimate government” that used the right until there were new elections began.

Pedro Sánchez has taken advantage of this anniversary to harangue his troops in Congress and the Senate and on the way confirm the extension of the anti-crisis plan for another three months. That means, for example, that gasoline will continue to cost 20 cents less than what the meter at the gas station pump tells you. From United We Can ask for more and nuanced measures: Alberto Garzón, Minister of Consumption, has suggested that the gasoline aid be applied depending on the income of each driver, not the same discount for everyone. But come on, it’s not up to him.

  • Well done, John.. Today we tell that the new economic guru of Feijóo has a salary 60,000 euros higher than that published by the Junta de Andalucía, where he is a Minister of the Treasury. In your Income Tax Return, the income adds up to almost double. Here we tell you what may be behind of that dance of figures.
  • Feijoo’s money. And we also have the declaration of patrimony of the president of PP upon entering the Senate: 930,972 euros in current accounts, deposits, shares and funds, almost triple that of 2020.

who remembers

For 85 days we could not stop looking at the volcano of La Palma. We have forgotten him, and the neighbors who suffered the consequences of the eruption. today on the podcastwe return to La Palma and learn some very surprising details.

don’t miss it

  • War. The US is going to send a new batch of weapons to Ukraine. In the package there is a model of a missile launcher that allows attacks at a distance of 70 kilometers. Y that has its importance.
  • delivery without delivery men. amazon uses a start-up system to avoid directly hiring the delivery men and to be able to avoid the law in Spain that does not allow them to be falsely self-employed. Of course they are.
  • Notice to boaters. If a judge imposes an order not to communicate with the victim on a person convicted of harassment or sexist violence, You will not be able to talk to him either through social networks. It is a Supreme Court ruling on a case that has been kicking so much that it had its origin in that thing called Google +.
  • Concordenses or Mestenses. We have been waiting for months a group of experts tell us what names they had thought of for the new city resulting from the merger between Don Benito and Villanueva de la Serena in Extremadura. We already have them: Concordia del Guadiana or Mestas del Guadiana. We’ve gotten a little cold.
  • Johnny Depp wins. The jury of the trial that has faced Johnny Depp and her ex-wife sentences Amber Heard to pay 15 million dollars for saying in a newspaper that she had mistreated her. The actor’s lawyer must pay him 2 million also for defaming her.
  • An unstoppable journey of autonomy. How nice it is that colleagues who are dedicated to other things feel like sharing personal reflections in our space on parenting. The Brussels correspondent for, Andrés Gil, tell us your feelings seeing her eldest daughter turn 18.

things i didn’t know

  • He did not know how bioluminescence works, that is, what makes some insects glow in the dark. light is the result of a chemical reaction between a protein, an enzyme, and oxygen. On many occasions, these organisms (also fungi, worms or jellyfish…) also emit light during the day, but with the light it is not noticeable. The brightness has many uses: from courtship to deterring predators.
  • He did not know that there is a bird called bentveo. And it’s funny because for several years of my life I’ve had breakfast almost every day in a bar in Madrid called Benteveo. The benteveo lives mainly in South America. In Argentina, when the song of the benteveo is happy, it is considered the omen of a pregnancy. Now that I think about it, the owners of the bar were Argentinian. Everything squares.
  • He did not know almost nothing from the masons. I think they were so vilified by the Franco regime, which used Freemasonry to scare people, announcing them like a ghost always lurking, that I ended up internalizing that they probably didn’t even exist anymore. But yes, there are about 6,000 Masons in Spain. An exhibition in Barcelona summarize your story.


I’m not telling you how much I want Friday. By the way, I’m going to be doing the podcast live at the Madrid Book Fair, in case you want to stop by. I’ll tell you the details tomorrow.

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