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Party leaders insist on turning the tables on their successors even though they have been chosen almost by hand. I am referring this time to José María Aznar, who in the middle of the electoral campaign in Castilla y León, in which the internal controversy between Casado and Ayuso had been parked, has returned to the charge against the one who was his personal assistant and the sponsored of him to preside over the PP. “Sometimes I hear that you have to win to take someone to Moncloa (…) but, listen, the question is to do what? (…) To build is to integrate, not to divide. It is adding, not subtracting. It is joining forces, not dividing.” Well, of course, he doesn’t name Casado, but I’m telling you, he’s after him. pure internal dynamite.

The data from the surveys on Castilla y León published so far tell us that the PP will have to agree with Vox to govern or try to reach an agreement with up to four parties. The left has it worse and only an unforeseen campaign can give it options. Last night there was debate. This is the thing for February 13:

  • European funds. I am a little lazy to tell you again that the European Commission has no problem with the way in which Spain is managing European funds, but even the community president herself he had to send a signed letter to congratulate the Government and return to silence the theories of the PP.

From Portugal to Spain

It’s in the air every time elections are held in other countries around us: we can’t help but make comparisons with our own. So let’s do it without complexes: Are there lessons in the results of Portugal for the matches in Spain? The elections were brought forward due to the crisis between the left of the Government and its parliamentary partners. That and other keys on today’s podcast.

It’s the moment

The government has decided promote the investigation of cases of pederasty that for decades have accumulated within the Spanish Church. The proliferation of testimonies and political pressure also in Congress have accelerated the process, and in parallel the Prosecutor’s Office has launched an operation to collect in 10 days all complaints of sexual abuse of minors at the hands of religious. The bishops have not wanted to make any inquiries so far and we can bet on their degree of collaboration in these processes.

  • more abuse. Perhaps in 20 years we will be talking, as we are now talking about the Church, about the excesses allowed, covered up or relativized in that great temple of modernity called Whatsapp, managed by Facebook. This is how the apology for anorexia mocks the controlssheltered in private chat groups.
  • don’t miss it“Hard to justify”. UK already has the official report on illegal parties of Boris Johnson during the confinement of the pandemic. They say what we already knew but it is an official role so the pressure on the prime minister is increasingly unbearable.
  • Human rights. Amnesty International denounces that the Prosecutor’s Office archived 89% of the proceedings for nursing home deaths and criticizes the “poor investigation” into the deaths of the elderly during the pandemic.

everything is politics

  • Have you asked yourself Where do the statues of Franco that have been removed from the Spanish streets ever end up? In this report you have some answers. There are nine hidden places in Spain where someone keeps, preserves or protects a statue of the Generalissimo on horseback. An architect has tracked them down.
  • Rafael Nadal At the age of 35, he has become the best player in the history of men’s tennis with his last victory at the Australian Open. And furthermore, just that victory has once again consolidated him as a good social example: the comparison with a Novak Djokovic who could not compete because he had not been vaccinated and breached Australian regulations is inevitable. Beyond his political preferences, which are not on the left, it is fair to applaud Nadal’s ethics, rigor and mental strength in his work. That is what this article by Felipe G. Gil talks about.
  • Spotify has decided to bet heavily on podcasts and that is going to have inevitable consequences that will launch the platform against the same problems that Facebook or Twitter have experienced before: that of becoming content editors and therefore regulators of freedom of expression and messages harmful. Spotify decided in 2020 to sponsor an ultraconservative podcast in the US that has recently flirted with denialism about Covid-19. Several artists, including Neil Young, have removed songs from the app in protest that the platform continues to host such content. All the details.

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