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Costa wins the Portuguese pulse

The Socialist Party has won by absolute majority the elections in Portugal, elections brought forward by the crisis between the Government and its leftist parliamentary partners. That programmatic conflict that blocked the Budgets has been resolved at the polls: they reinforce the Prime Minister, António Costa, and punish the Bloco de Esquerda, which goes from 19 to 5 seats, and the alliance of communists and greens.

The other consequence of the early elections is very worrying: the far-right Chega party, which had won only one seat in 2019, becomes the third political force. Second place goes to the conservative party (the equivalent of the PP, which is called PSD there), which has ensured during the campaign that will not rule with Chega even if they gave the numbers.

Married “he doesn’t know what he’s saying”

Two former PP ministers who governed the Spanish economy during the Mariano Rajoy years have given their opinion in recent days on the European recovery funds or on the labor reform. And his opinion does not exactly coincide with that of Pablo Casado.

Casado wants to deny any hint of success in the Government. But Fátima Báñez and Cristóbal Montoro are no longer in those and have expressed themselves this week with more honesty: “The opposition does not know what it is saying, instead of celebrating that they are funds from everyone and that they go above all to the countries that have suffered the most. Instead of celebrating it, we turned it into a political confrontation”, said Montoro, for example.

  • Power of attorney. Others who are also on a roll against the Government’s proposals are the acting magistrates of the Judicial Power. the last flank is the housing law.

There is no one who understands the Treasury

I am passionate (I could also say that it pisses me off) about the topic we are dealing with today on the podcast: the gibberish of administrative language. Come on, when you receive a letter from the Treasury or you are consulting the Social Security website or you have to fill out a form to request help… no one understands anything, which in practice is discrimination and a bad public service.

But there are people who are beginning to move to fight for the ‘right to understand’. Listen.

It’s bitterness, oh what a disaster

The selection of representative of Spain to Eurovisión has seemed this year, more than a contest, an election. We could say that the technocratic intervention of the jury has made Chanel’s song the winner, without a doubt the option with less identity, less passion, less memorable, less ‘spanish’. Tanxugueiras and Rigoberta Bandini were left out, as they were victims of TVE’s electoral law and of a certain division of the vote on the left.

You already know that from day 1 I was very much a part of the Bandini team and its Oh, mom, that if it excites me, I understand what it does with women and mothers. Great song no matter where you look at it. He didn’t win, big disappointment, What can we do. Yes indeed, that does not justify the attack that the winner, Chanel, is receiving.

don’t miss it

  • Omicron. Luckily we have the vaccines because if the original coronavirus had been like ómicron… Anyway, we can now say, without it being just a set phrase, that ómicron has marked a before and after in the pandemic. We have reviewed what we know.
  • Branch offices. There was a time when foreigners visiting Spain were surprised by the number of bank branches and ATMs on the streets. It’s ceasing to be like that. In other words, as the economist Lucía Velasco explains in this interview, “the luxury will be that a person attends you”.
  • The sex of women. That 51 women talk about their sex honestly for a book should not be something very flashy, but it is. They do it in a book that arrives in Spain and that we review in this review.

things i didn’t know

  • He did not know that there are huge dumps of used clothing in Chile’s Atacama desert. We are talking about 300 hectares where t-shirts, shoes, snow gloves are accumulated. They are garments that come from the US, Europe or Asia that are imported to Chile to be resold in Latin America. What does not pass the filter or is left over or is not sold ends up piled up in one of the most famous deserts in the world, where it takes decades to decompose. It is explained well and in Spanish in this BBC article.
  • He did not know, since we are in a pre-war environment, that Hitler he had ordered the demolition of the Eiffel Tower in his withdrawal from Paris, already in the last years of the Second World War. In 1944, with the allied army already at the gates of the city, Hitler ordered his general Dietrich von Choltitz to reduce the most emblematic buildings to rubble. The general did not comply, and used it to negotiate a more favorable deal when he was arrested. He was released in 1947.
  • He did not know that in World War I, Germany formally asked the US to stop using shotguns. The weapon debuted as a great novelty in the fourth year of the war, in 1918, and was capable of riddled several people with a single shot in the trenches. After capturing several Americans with shotguns and checking their operation, the German government officially protested that it violated international norms of warfare. Plus in this video.