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📩 NEWSLETTER | Dare you with the spies

how was your first day no mask? Well, little by little. Come on, let’s go with today.

where does the day go

Dare you

Who dares to mess with the CNI? The case of the hacking and espionage of dozens of politicians in Catalonia once again exposes a frightening reality: there is very little control over the activities of the intelligence service, which is supposed to need the authorization of a judge (which is always the same one) of the Court Supreme to intervene communications. In this articlewe tell you about the legal limits and the holes of opacity that govern a body that has been accumulating power in the most critical moments of Spanish political history.

I suppose that there will be people, maybe you too a little, who justify espionage to the independence movement as a way to prevent another 1-O. Before that, Iñigo Sáenz de Ugarte asks us: “Can the Catalan independentists continue to be spied on until the end of time because an attempt was made to break the territorial integrity of Spain in 2017?”. The president of the Generalitat says that if Pedro Sánchez does not investigate this case seriously, will withdraw support from ERC to the stability of the Government. The Minister of Defense says that for this there is already a parliamentary commission, that of Reserved Expenses, which in reality it is not even constituted.

We tour UkraineThere are currently three journalists from in Ukraine. Mariangela Paone has returned to the country after a few days in Madrid and has met in kyiv with the photojournalist Olmo Calvo. From there they send us this report about a city that tries to recover its pulse in the midst of uncertainty. We do not know where is this war going and Russia goes testing missiles to scare.

In Dnipro, another city surrounded by war fronts, is Gabriela Sánchez, who has spent almost two weeks touring some of the most problematic places in this war. We have called her, we have chatted so that she can tell us what she has seen. With her and with the stories of her people who cling to her life we ​​make today’s podcast.

Spanish accents

And look what the most beautiful thing we bring you today. It is both a tribute to Almudena Grandes and a tribute to the sound richness of the Spanish language. Some twenty writers, from different countries and territories, read the same text by Almudena Grandes. You can read and listen on our special ‘Accents of Spanish’. If you like it, we’ll do it more.

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things i didn’t know

  • He did not know that there was a cafe, the most expensive coffee in the world, which is produced through the digestive system of an animal, the civet, similar to the raccoon. That is, the civet swallows the coffee bean and then expels it in the feces partially digested, which seems to give it a unique and very well paid chemical characteristic. 80 euros per cup. Of course, behind the luxury there is a reality of animal exploitation.
  • He did not know that off the coast of Huelva have been able to locate the remains of 9 of the 15 Spanish warships that sank in the battle of Trafalgar against the English, in 1805. The oldest of all, lightning’, is 300 meters from the shore of one of the busiest beaches in Huelva, Mazagón. She burned in battle and sank in the storm. Its remains are only seven meters deep.

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