Monday, March 27

📩 NEWSLETTER | delayed blue smoke

If you went to bed last night without being very clear about what was happening in the PP… It’s not the only thing that happened this morning.

Come on, let me tell you. Good Morning.

where does the day go

Blue smoke, but delayed

Pablo Casado has managed to get one last wish before dying: will remain in office until the April congress from which the new leader must emerge. In exchange, he has promised not to run and to support Alberto Núñez Feijóo, who seems to be the only relevant candidate in this process. Delayed blue smoke. Of course, Casado appears for a while longer, but he does not command. A manager has been appointed without calling it ‘manager’ but rather ‘general coordinator’ and it will be Cuca Gamarra.

The plan of the barons and of all those who have betrayed Casado in the last week was not this. They wanted his resignation. They have been asking for it for days. But Casado has resisted to get a “dignified exit” from him.

It has been another surreal night for Spanish politics. Until half past one in the morning, the barons and Pablo Casado have been negotiating the terms of the surrender, without the presence of Ayuso, to solve a problem that at the Feijóo exit has defined as a “situation of organic collapse and enormous social disaffection”. He has also defined Casado, whom he has struck down with his will to succeed him, as “a gentleman of politics.” All the barons have come out of the conclave heaping so much praise on the victim that his death tastes even stranger. Here all the reactions.

Casado yesterday implicitly staged his farewell to Congress with a last speech where he wanted to remain a moderate and honest leader. All his deputies stood up to applaud him, although first they had to leave the knife on the chair that they still had in hand. So were those minutes of internal tension. Of all those who applauded, only three ran after him, when Casado abruptly decided, like someone who couldn’t take it anymore, to give up his turn to reply, get up and get out of there. Here we tell you who they are.

the man of the thousand faces

today on the podcast We say goodbye to Pablo Casado, the politician with a thousand faces, always ready to change his tone, his message and even his idea. In one of those lurches, he went off the political highway.

If you’re a bit embarrassed by Casado (it does to me, really), it will be good for you to listen to what happened today to remember.

The podcast is called A topic a day and every day we say goodbye with the promise that “tomorrow, another topic.” But of course, there are so many issues within this PP crisis… Let’s see if tomorrow they let us change.

  • persian market. While the focus is on Genoa, the Community of Madrid tries to talk as little as possible about the contract and the commission of Ayuso’s brother. Today we put the figures and dates in context of the operation, in the worst of the pandemic, when the purchase of masks internationally was a “Persian market”, as Ayuso herself described it, from which her brother knew how to get a slice. The opposition continues to send documentation to the Prosecutor’s Office.

Russia attacks Ukraine

The most important news this morning, however, is another. Putin has activated a military operation in Ukraine. In a televised statement, the Russian president has announced a “special military operation” and the first reports speak of explosions in Odessa and eastern Ukraine. UN Secretary-General António Guterres has asked Putin “in the name of humanity” to “return his troops to Russia.”

Here we inform you everything that happens from now on.

don’t miss it

  • abortions. Minister Irene Montero has explained some keys to the reform of the abortion law that is to come. One of the changes seems obvious but don’t worry it will be controversial: it will be possible to abort in all public hospitals. That happens by not letting managers systematically refer cases to private clinics (which often do not exist in the area) hiding behind conscientious objection.
  • Another effect of the pandemicquite macabre, is that the number of home inheritances has skyrocketed: inherited properties rose 30% in 2021 alone. The figure will continue to rise. Lots of interesting facts here.
  • The Big Three Electrics add up his best result since 2014 after record electricity prices. Iberdrola, Endesa and Naturgy added a joint benefit of 6,533 million in 2021, supported by the return of the PP hydroelectric canon that the Supreme Court annulled.
  • flowers in winter. The cold months have turned out to be spring months in Spain and that generates chaos in ecosystems with consequences: flowers without pollinating insects, risk of death if the cold returns and lack of food for other species.
  • colmenarejo. I am very impressed with the sudden death of Juan Pablo Colmenarejo, journalist who directed the morning news of Onda Madrid. She had previously led national programs on Onda Cero, COPE or TVE. Colmenarejo opened the doors of his studio at Onda Madrid to me a couple of years ago and, from a point of view that he never used against me, he always respected and valued my opinion. what the fuck

things i didn’t know

  • I didn’t know the story of the books of ‘Where is Wally?‘. Its creator, Martin Handford, was originally commissioned to create an illustration book of crowded places. While he was drawing, he came up with the idea of ​​putting a common character in those environments. It was such a popular phenomenon that there have even been attempts to design algorithms to predict where Wally usually hides. Plus in this video seen in this tweet from Álvaro.
  • He did not know, because I hadn’t noticed that it was so common, that most ‘human’ cartoon characters have four fingers on each hand. When in the 1920s and 1930s, when rounded figures like those of Micky Mouse began to appear, a four-fingered hand was simpler and more aesthetic. And so it stayed. i saw it in this tweet and there is more details in GQ.
  • He did not knowsince we are with the topic, what is the theory of uncanny valley. It is a hypothesis of animation and robotics that says that those human figures that look ‘too much’ like real humans generate rejection in the viewer. Like when we see a doll of those that they look like real babies and we say “oh, what a grim”. A mix between empathy and strangeness.

Come on, tomorrow is Friday.

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