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馃摡 NEWSLETTER | Enemies in Zarzuela

Let’s go with another week. Hello.

where does the day go

Explanations of what?There are not many analysts who honestly defend that what we have seen this weekend in Sanxenxo is good for Spain, the monarchy, Felipe VI, decency in general and the image of Juan Carlos I in particular. The republicans can sit down to eat popcorn, because the sequence of maximum tension also arrives today: Juan Carlos I meets with his family in Zarzuela and will meet his son, Felipe VI.

Much has to be channeled into that tense private conversation (so tense that it looks like we won’t even see a photo) so that Juan Carlos I’s first visit doesn’t end up confirming a fact that has been languishing for two years: the past and present behavior of the emeritus king has ended up making him the greatest political enemy of his son, the king. Nobody is doing more damage to the reign of Felipe VI than the decisions of his own fatherlike the one in the show we saw this weekend.

  • A journalist has asked the king emeritus: “Are you going to give some kind of explanation?” The response of Juan Carlos de Borb贸n, with the window down in the car of the president of the Sanxenxo Yacht Club, was: “Explanations of what?”.

In 2022, Juan Carlos I He has wanted to trick us with the same tricks that served him well in the 1980s and 1990s and later: campechan铆a, sports, family. But it doesn’t work anymore, no. Felipe VI is lucky, yes, that the political moment is not precisely that of a mobilized left and the concentrations of rejection have been, like those of support, testimonial.

Feijoo effect

The other day the CIS gave us an appetizer and today I bring you the main course: the survey gives victory to the PP if elections were held todaywith the best result for months.

Feij贸o’s rise is not at the expense of Vox, which is sustained. Only 10% of Vox voters in the last elections would now vote for the PP. On the left, the PSOE drops another little and fails to monetize anti-crisis measures and the exit from the slump of the pandemic. The one who does make it profitable is Yolanda D铆az:

Look at the space that separates Yolanda D铆az from Ione Belarra, the general secretary of Podemos. In that space fits all the tension that is lived right now between what both represent: We can claim your weight in the future of the confluence.

  • Olona. There is a mess with Macarena Olona, 鈥嬧媡he Vox candidate in Andalusia. The Town Hall where she registered for her to stand for election has canceled her registration for registering in a house in which she did not really live. Is the application cancelled? Well, these are the options. Some fear that this will give him extra prominence (and victimhood). The PP, which hopes to catch the votes in doubt, says that poor dear.

medieval air

today on the podcast, we enter an opaque religious congregation that prepares a spiritual macro-complex in Spain. They attract young people, apply a strict manual of conduct to them and have aroused the concern of the Vatican. We listen to those who have been inside.

don’t miss it

  • One, big and uncontrolled. A Francoist law regulates the official secrets and the functioning of the CNI. That doesn’t seem very recommended. The reform has been stalled since 2016, the parties have submitted amendments literally 80 times.
  • Indebted and without Mbapp茅. The debt of football clubs with banks and funds it has shot up 56% after the pandemic and exceeds 2,300 million. Neither the capacity nor the audiovisual rights are what they were in a league that is no longer irresistible for the best in the world.
  • Mediterranean diet. We pollute more by eating than by taking the car. In other words, the ecological impact of our food chain accounts for 50% of the ecological footprint of consumption. What would help reduce it drastically? Return to the Mediterranean diet.

things i didn’t know

  • He did not know that there is a color known as ‘Nantucket Red‘, which receives its name from an island in the USA famous for its luxury tourism and this type of garment already with its own brand and associated with high status. is the color of these kennedy pants and Juan Carlos I in Sanxenxo.
  • He did not know that historians and scientists are still trying to determine when and why the first settlers arrived in the Canary Islands. They were North Africans, that’s for sure. Were they Berbers aboard Phoenician or Roman ships? Or on your own? Was it around the 5th century BC? C. or much earlier? If you are interested in the subject, here it starts a series of detailed reports.
  • He did not know that in linguistics there is a mysterious phenomenon called ‘Zipf’s law’: in most texts and conversations, the second most used word in a language will appear half as often as the most used word. And the third will appear three times less. And so on. A frikada that is better understood here.


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