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From reform to mud

Not all political news combines, on the one hand, the importance of the great moments and, on the other, high doses of tension and almost spectacle, even if it is in the mud of embarrassment. Of course, the vote on the labor reform is one of those pieces of news, which has accumulated uncertainty for months to reach an unexpected climax: the Government seeking votes until the last moment, the PP organizing a trap with two UPN turncoats, a PP deputy crowning the operation with an error in voting and finally the right wing attributing the error to a “rib”, taking the matter to the Constitutional Court and once again doubting the legitimacy of the Government. scent of trumpism.

Since there is so much noise, we are here to help you with keys:

First, the rigging, because the right is already watering its appeal before the Constitutional Court with propaganda. In several media you will find the idea that the erroneous vote of the PP was the fault of the president of Congress (PSOE), who did not let him rectify. today the podcast we dedicate it to explaining how voting works in Congress. We do it with three voices: the journalistic one, by Ignacio Escolar; the legal one, by Javier Pérez Royo; that of the personal experience, of former minister José Luis Ábalos, who tells us what happened to him once he wanted to rectify a telematic vote.

  • turncoats. They had orders from their party to vote in favor. They voted against. They have been ordered to leave the seat and leave it to others who comply with the voting discipline. They say they are not leaving. These are Sayas and Adanero, the UPN deputies who have bet their political future on the PP thanking them for the favor provided.
  • laboVAR reform. And if you want to recreate yourself again in the ‘moviola’ (take the old word) of what happened, here you have the ‘anatomy of an instant’, of those 40 seconds that the labor reform was rejected in Congress.

Who is missing

Look at this picture.

There is one person missing in this photo. His name was Alfonso Valero, he died in the nursing home that can be seen in the background and he was the father and husband of those women portrayed in the image. Don’t miss the report that Sofía Pérez, David Noriega and Marta Borraz have done: in addition to the personal stories, there is a complete x-ray of how the residences are two years after the disaster of the pandemic, which in theory was going to cause them to change their model completely. Do you think they have done it in this time? Well that. You will find data like this:

  • Chill. The incidence is falling and the vaccines have prevented many deaths, but the data is also what it is: January leaves a first balance of at least 4,000 deceased, the worst figure since last winter. Four thousand deaths. And they will actually be quite a few more due to the delay of various communities in registering. We assume incredible figures.

don’t miss it

  • youth precariousness. Yesterday we published an extraordinary special report on precariousness and youth, with data, stories and very careful audiovisual material. Worth.
  • Beware of Bitcoin. The IMF has detected that cryptocurrencies are being used in developing countries and emerging markets not so much to boost the local economy but to promote capital flight.
  • ⬜🟩🟨🟨🟩. And to give you a little oxygen, today the hard part is coming, let’s talk about crossword puzzles. We have already talked about wordle, that quiet game of guessing words behind hidden panels. This report does nostalgic review of the pastime’s history In the press.

things i didn’t know

  • He did not know nothing that for a time in the 19th century it was fashionable in some European countries to have cow paintings with square shapes. Yes. It is a trend probably generated by ranchers who wanted to exaggerate the robust and original virtues of their cattle, and commissioned increasingly less realistic strokes from local painters. Like an Instagram filter, but with cows. many examples in this twitter thread.
  • I didn’t know Bob Marley’s emigration story from Jamaica to the US. When he was already a recognized singer in his country, his passion did not give him a living and he worked as an electrician. When he arrived in Miami, he had to start cleaning the floors of the hotel where he lived. He had no papers and was deported. The complete history.
  • I didn’t know that there is a hypothesis for some autoimmune diseases, which is not very clear how they occur, called ‘cellular mimesis’. There are some viruses and bacteria that have evolved to look so much like other cells in the human body that, when the body’s defenses act against them, in some cases they end up shooting ‘friendly fire’ at their own cells as well. It is explained better here.

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