Tuesday, March 28

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The hangover from the elections in Castilla y León only leaves headaches.

The headache is great in the PP, who would like never to have launched the electoral call. Of course, they deny that they are upset, but in the absence of sincerity there are the signs: in Andalusia, the party has aborted its plan to also precipitate an early election. If Juanma Moreno Bonilla wants to prevent what has happened to Mañueco from happening to him, it will be that it is not good. And another clue: Ayuso has asked to advance the congress where he will present himself to lead the PP of Madrid; If you want to take advantage of this moment, it will be that Casado does not come out stronger.

vox demands to enter the government to support the investiture of the PP. In Genoa they don’t want to give their competitors such an advantage on the right, but Mañueco reserves the last word because he already has enough with the mess they’ve gotten him into. Now he will decide. With everything, he says that he does not rule out anything, and neither an agreement with the PSOE that avoids Vox in the Executive.

This is real? Can a kind of cordon sanitaire be inaugurated against Vox in exchange for the PSOE abstaining? today on the podcast We try to answer those questions.

PSOE Emptied. The headache is not small in the PSOE either, which try to glimpse if you have to be scared with the phenomenon of Empty Spain, which in these elections has had Soria’s leading role Now!. Yes instead of regional elections we were talking about general, both the Union of the Leonese People and Soria ¡Ya! they would have obtained a seat each at the expense of the PSOE.

In United We Can they try to alleviate the headache of failure with two straws: the first, their condition of victim of electoral law, which means that 2 out of 3 votes did not help them to obtain a seat; the second, the stand-by that the entire organization lives waiting for Yolanda Díaz to ‘refound’ that political space. This results reinforce the organic distance between Díaz and Podemos.

Anxiety just reading a name

Sandra and Raquel are two women aged 49 and 45. A few days ago, while reading elDiario.es, they saw a name in the first installment from the research series by our colleague Pau Rodríguez. That name was that of a priest, Jesús Linares, accused of having sexually abused several children in a La Salle school. Sandra had an anxiety crisis for days. Raquel also had everything removed. They were also adolescent victims of that manbut in other schools. In 1996, one of the girls reported abuse to the management of her center, and what they did to her was to change her class.

Impunity is not just the feeling that nothing can happen to you because of what you did. Impunity is also a constant invitation to continue doing it.

  • The Inquisition now it is called the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. A scorpion will always be a scorpion but The Vatican has decreed profound changes in its structurewhich in theory should monitor pederasty in the clergy.

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  • The incidence of coronavirus falls more than 200 points since Friday. Health has incorporated 601 deaths from previous days into the registry.
  • rental insurance. We talk a lot about the price limitation system in the new rental law, but aside from this rule there is another striking measure: the implementation of public non-payment insurance to protect owners. Trouble? The same as with the other: decentralization and bureaucracy.
  • Company taxes. The employers say that Spanish companies pay too many taxes, but the truth is that corporate tax today contributes 40% less than it did in 2007. That makes the State throw away personal income tax and VAT. More data.

everything is politics

  • cars for men. The dummies used to test the safety of cars are designed with the usual physical profile of a man. With this model the seats, the belts, the padding of the armchairs, the position of the airbag are designed. All that is different (usually) in women. Consequence: they suffer a much greater probability of physical damage in the event of an accident, because the vehicles are poorly adapted to their bodies. more in this thread.
  • Mom, it’s me. Manu is a Brazilian girl and Kenzo is an American boy. Like people their age, they usually watch cartoon movies but what happened to them when they saw Enchantment had never happened to them. “Look, mom, it’s me,” Kenzo said upon seeing a black boy with afro hair on screen; She said the same thing when she saw the protagonist, Mirabel, a Colombian girl. If you are interested in the subject, here is a good review of good and bad practices on diversity in cartoons.
  • human zoos. Misunderstood diversity generates aberrations: a historian has documented the rage in Barcelona at the beginning of the 20th century for the fair booths where men and women were exhibited as if they were “human monsters”. Siamese twins, people with some malformation or “bearded women” were exposed to the public under pretexts of scientific interest. More history of an international phenomenon.