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Here it can also happen

We thought we were special in Spain because while in France, in Italy, in Greece, in Brazil, in Germany, in Austria, they were terrified of their new far-right parties, here we seemed immunized and the most radical conservatives had managed to accept their secondary role on the right. And then we ate Vox with potatoes.

It also seems to us that in Spain there are much lower levels of homophobia than in other countries, and that even the PP had to abandon its pretensions about abortion simply because society, also the one that votes for them, said look, that’s not it.

But societies change. And the breath from beyond the grave that comes to us from the US, with the repeal of abortion protection, gives life to many. The big sexist, ‘anti-gender’ and confessional lobbies that have landed in Europe are supported by funding of more than 700 million dollars. Here we tell you details about who they are. With name and surname, as in this graphic:

Perhaps because of that shadow watered by millions, this year’s atmosphere in Pride demonstrations has been resistance. If you think you already know everything you need to know in this debate, don’t relax. Take a look at this report about bisexuality in reggaeton.

A false report and a recording

One of the news with more repercussion of the weekend has been that of the publication in the Crónica Libre media of a conversation between Commissioner Villarejo and the director of La Sexta, Antonio García Ferreras, in which both consider false a report published by Eduardo Inda to try to accuse Podemos of illegal financing with funds from Venezuela. Pablo Iglesias himself has denounced that La Sexta made room for Inda’s accusations if he already knew, as the audios suggest, that they were unfounded. Iglesias has received personal support on social networks from four Latin American presidents (Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Argentina). La Sexta has replied arguing that the conversation with Villarejo took place many months after the publication of the news. You have the transcripts and details here.

I usually go to current affairs debate programs on La Sexta. Maybe you have seen me. I’m a collaborator, I’ve been going to talk shows for many years in different media, even before was founded, it’s part of my job. But I am very clear that, although Inda and I coincide on the same set, we are not in any boat together. In fact, if that prefabricated report was published in OKDiario on May 6, 2016, a day later, in we already denounced that it was a montage: “Eduardo Inda’s exclusive document on Pablo Iglesias is copied from YouTube”. Since 2016, I have come across Eduardo Inda many times, on La Sexta and also on Telecinco. And every time he has mentioned the alleged illegal financing of Podemos, I have reminded him that it was a lie. In fact, that same week, on La Sexta Noche, Ignacio Escolar was able to confront Inda to show her that his report was false. Here is the video. At that time, as has happened many other times with other topics, we have received a lot of support for being there, for responding, for trying, for at least saying something.

I explain all this to you because at other times, like this weekend, there are people who tell me that if Eduardo Inda is in a debate, I should give up going. And that if La Sexta decides to count on him, or make room for information about him, I should veto La Sexta. And they are reasonable doubts. I don’t know if in a few years I’ll think otherwise (that’s why I very much respect the decision of other journalists and also politicians who used to go to gatherings with him and now don’t), but I think we can’t abandon the few (very few!) that there is to expose certain ideas and try to counteract others, although we know that it is never on equal terms. If not, only the same as always will have a voice and the most bullies in the yard will win. What would I like that it didn’t have to be in those circumstances? Yes. But sacrifice ourselves? Give up what is in the name of what may never be achieved? Make myself responsible and pay the price for the lies of others? I think it would not be fair, nor would it be of almost any use. I think.

Feijóo and Wellington sirloin

Feijóo continues with his strategy of applying the recipes of the 90s for his political success in 2022. Like the chefs of the past, he is convinced that wherever there is, I don’t know, a good Wellington sirloin, that the modernities, the marketing and the story. What was working for the PP 20 years ago? That the left was wasteful? well over there. That you have to use the acts with victims of ETA to mix churras with merinos? well too. That a terrible crisis is coming and that we already know that the right always manages those things better? So two cups Whether or not there is supporting data. On the horizon, the clouds of the international economy they continue to threaten a serious storm.

  • living place. Another consequence of inflation: many of the people who had gotten into a housing cooperative to build a flat are backing out. The promoters also swallow water. However, the materials have stopped getting more expensive in June. And it seems that not a good sign either.

Boris Johnson, wounds and lies

today on the podcast, we analyzed the resignation of Boris Johnson, a lying prime minister who seemed to belong to that breed of politicians whose charisma resists all bombs. But not. And now that?

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things i didn’t know

  • He did not know, or at least I had never understood it like now, how the northern lights that can be seen in the sky near the North Pole are formed. The magical play of light is produced when an ejection of charged solar particles collides with the Earth’s magnetosphere. But With this video I understood it better.
  • I had no idea of the existence of “the zainichi Koreans”, a highly discriminated ethnic minority in Japan, which presumes to be a country of one people. The first ‘Zainichi Koreans’ arrived in Japan expelled by the Japanese invasion of their country, beginning in 1910. They never received nationality and even today those born in Japan of this ethnic group are not considered Japanese. Via Martha New.

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