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📩 NEWSLETTER | I would love to, but I don’t feel like it

So let’s go to the mess. Good Morning.

where does the day go

enemies at the table

It’s been a week of war and today it will take place the second negotiation meeting between Ukraine and Russia, in theory to lead to peace, although the truth is that it occurs without even a ceasefire as Kiev intended.

The meeting will happen In a forest on the border between Belarus and Poland. The place is not casual. The site of Monday’s meeting was not innocent either.

today on the podcast, we focus on those details and ask ourselves questions. How do these trading desks work? How is it possible for two sides that want to kill each other to talk without getting out of hand?

And thanks for the welcome yesterday’s episode on the podcast. We have networks and mail and WhatsApp full of beautiful words. “I don’t think I’ve ever felt as close to a war as listening to this,” one of our readers told us yesterday. Listening to Igor and Oksana of course I hope we can always stay away.

I would love to, but I don’t feel like it

the week that a war raged at the gates of Europe. the week that a Russian minister speculates with a “destructive” Third World War that would involve “the use of nuclear weapons.” The week in which the little space for politics is dedicated to the succession of the PP. This week, and no other, has chosen the Prosecutor’s Office to hide their shame and officially confirm that will not investigate the king emeritus for his signs of corruption.

It is a triple movement. The Prosecutor’s Office buries the case of the millionaire commissions that Juan Carlos I received for his intervention in the adjudication of the AVE works to Mecca, forgets about the use of opaque cards revealed by and finally lets go of his relationship with several million hidden on the island of Jersey. The worst thing is that in his letter to decree the file of the case he confirms that part of all this is more than documented, but that he cannot do anything. That if he was the king, that if total has already prescribed. As usual. It reminds me of that phrase from Phoebe, from Friends: “I would love to, but I don’t feel like it”.

  • feijoo has formalized what we all already knew: he is presenting himself to preside over the PP in the next congress. This is the new PP, with Casado as a provisional figurehead. In this new PP González Pons recovers weight, which has tagged Vox as “extreme right”. Mañueco, who is going to govern with them in Castilla y León, avoid doing it.

don’t miss it

  • 100,000 dead. Spain exceeds that terrifying official number of deaths from the pandemic. Can we count numbers and names at the same time? In this data reportYes.
  • The difference is obvious. While Europe opens up to Ukrainian refugees, the Spanish Police have tried to prevent one of the jumps from the Melilla fence more numerous in recent years. More than two thousand people have tried it. Only 500 have made it.

things i didn’t know

  • He did not know that the two stripes of the Ukrainian flag represent the contrast between the blue sky and the yellow of the wheat fields. Although in reality the combination of colors was present before, with many other interpretations, already from the shield of the ancient kingdom of Galicia-Volhnya.
  • He did not knowin fact, that there was a Galicia of the Carpathians, between Ukraine and Poland, with the same name of origin in Latin to define the Celts as our Galicia. Its capital, Halych, is a historical city located in western Ukraine.
  • He did not know nothing about barcodes. I have never wondered how they are structured. A common code has 95 bars, because white counts too. It’s like Morse: two white bars, one white and one black, that’s the number 0. Well, it’s not that simple. explained here.

Tomorrow is Friday. That is good.

A hug,


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