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How exasperating it is when you call a customer service phone and end up lost between impossible menus. You listen to the options, press 5. You type the DNI on the phone. Say how we can help you. I’m sorry, I didn’t understand you. Say how we can help you. Did you say “hiring”? No. Call again later.

The Government has just carried out the draft Law on Customer Service Services, which, among other things, will force companies to that the maximum wait of your customers on the phone be three minutes. You can send out the call with a robot switchboard, but at any time you can ask to be attended by a real operator. It also establishes deadlines to restore basic services such as electricity or gas. More details.

money and youtube

Rajoy’s government invented a way for tax offenders to have the pardon of the law and nothing has happened here: tax amnesty. In exchange for paying a very small part of what was defrauded, any tax offender who had hidden money abroad to avoid paying taxes could bring it to Spain. But the rule also included harsher mechanisms against those who could not prove the legal origin of the money. The ball has been bouncing around several courts and now the Supreme has to decide and set a precedent: he has in his hand ten years of sanctions on some 5,000 people with money outside of Spain.

  • another sentence of the Supreme has just confirmed a peculiar sentence: a youtuber will be banned for five years from uploading any video to YouTube for humiliating a homeless person for a recording.
  • Y one more decision of the Supreme Court: it has reaffirmed the four civil guards sentenced to ten months in prison for insulting another agent with pearls such as “up Spain and death to the fagots”.

Media judgment in the TikTok era

I have to confess that I have not followed anything of the most mediatic trial of the moment, which pits the actors Johnny Depp and Amber Heard against each other. They are accused of defamation and violence during the time they were a couple. but do this episode of the podcast about how social networks have become a war of factions around the trial has been very interesting to me.

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  • self-employed. The Government has been negotiating a reform for months so that they contribute according to their “real income”, but time is beginning to run out. In theory there is consensus to do it, but the devil is in the details. Here we explain in eight keys Why is it taking them so long to reach an agreement?
  • new municipality. We already know the two options for naming the town that will emerge in Extremadura when joining Don Benito and Villanueva de la Serena: ‘Concordia del Guadiana’ or ‘Las Mestas del Guadiana’. Both councils now have to choose between the two proposals.
  • Russia. We have interviewed historian Anne Applebaumwho believes that Europeans should look more at the Second World War than at the First to understand what is happening now, and defends: “What should concern us is not that Russia is humiliated but that it comes out stronger”.
  • married priests. The diocese of Barcelona is going to ask the Church that allows the priesthood to women and that celibacy is not compulsory. It is not just any bishopric: it is the one headed by Cardinal Omella, who is also the president of the Episcopal Conference.
  • evictions. A man committed suicide on Monday in Barcelona after being evicted by the City Council. We have spoken with the residents of Bon Pastorthe neighborhood in which it happened, which is the one with the most official protection housing in the city: “It was him, but it could have been anyone in the neighborhood.”

in today’s chapter

  • The Bourbons. A six-episode documentary series on the recent history of the Spanish monarchy premiered last night on La Sexta. A powerful documentation exercise that takes us from the coronation, the abdication and the women to the hidden money. When seen all together, it’s especially outrageous. It is directed by Ana Pastor and Aitor Gabilondo, and you can also see in AtresPlayer.
  • stranger things‘ is a nostalgic series, set in the 80s, heir to adventure nights where children on bikes could discover an alien in the storage room. The fourth season has just premiered. As a good nostalgic bomb, it is capable of activating springs beyond fiction: it has become fashionable again a 1985 song by Kate Bush
  • Sister Act turns 30 years old. In this article of Fotogramas many interesting things about the production are told. For example, that Disney transformed the original script so much that its author did not want to sign it. The original idea was to subvert classics like Smiles and Tears, and for the protagonist to be much more subversive. And of course, she didn’t sneak.


Today we celebrate the First Meeting of European Journalism organized by elDiario.es and The Guardian, with the presence of heads of various media from different European countries. From noon you have debates that you can continue streaming here.

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