Friday, March 1

📩 NEWSLETTER | let’s go to the mess

Hello. There are mornings that I start by telling you “Let’s go to the mess”. It is hardly ever as justified as it is today.

Let’s go to the mess.

where does the day go

An afternoon in Congress

After months talking about the negotiation on the labor reform, it’s time to vote and we find ourselves with a totally unexpected entanglement. The reform is approved, but what happened yesterday will end up in court.

Today I extend a little more, but I’ll give you a summary.

Shortly after 6:00 p.m. yesterday, the labor reform was voted. As I have been telling you, everything seemed to indicate that it was going to be approved by the hair. According to the sum that almost all of us managed, it was like this:

And you will tell me “but Juanlu, that adds up to 349 and not 350, you are missing one”. true is: missing the seat of Alberto Rodríguez, the deputy of United We Can suspended for that controversial disqualification, which has not been ‘replaced’ as a strategy to defend his return. An absence that could have been decisive.

But let’s continue. The deputies vote and this is what comes out in the Congress panels:

Calm down for now, no one is missing. To these votes, we had to add those of those deputies who had voted electronically, that is, from home (due to illness, travel, isolation due to COVID…). They are 14.

President Meritxell Batet does the sum and reads the telematic votes of each side:

  • 166+9 = 175 yes
  • 169+5 = 174 not

There we already see that the account is not the one planned. And it is the final result. There is only one vote difference. What’s going on? Batet looks momentarily confused. Perhaps because the Congress Table already knew that a PP deputy had made a mistake in the telematic vote and therefore believed that the result was going to be 177-172. That, 177, was the number of yeses they expected. Why wasn’t he there?

Batet has to confirm the result and, given the mess, it is announced that the labor reform has been rejected. The PP stands burst into applause. Just a few seconds later, the services of the Congress Bureau inform the president that the majority of the votes are ‘yes’ and therefore the reform is approved. The government bench celebrates even louder. Here is the full video of those moments.

What happened?

Little by little we are learning that the two deputies of the Unión del Pueblo Navarro, who in theory were going to vote in favour, they had voted against. That would have put the figure at 174 yes – 175 no. The labor reform would have been rejected.

But it turns out that a PP deputy for Extremadura, Alberto Casero, had made a mistake when voting from home. That is why the number of yeses was the one that nobody expected. There were two yeses less from UPN but one more from the error of the PP. In total, 175 yes – 174 no.

With only one difference, the vote by mistake of the PP deputy becomes decisive in carrying out the first labor reform for decades that, instead of cutting, recover rights for workers.

And there the mess opens from now on:

The mess is so huge that I could dedicate the newsletter just to this. So go through the cover today, sure there will be news. But stay with one more thing:

  • Ignacio Escolar helps you look beyond what you see, and breaks down the underlying key to all of the above: it is a maneuver by Pablo Casado, who uses lies to make the Government believe that he had sufficient support with UPN and, at the last minute, give the order to the Navarre deputies co-opted to break the vote. And he almost got out.

The leader of ISIS and…

The US claims that has killed the leader of ISIS in an attack by its Special Operations forces in northwestern Syria. This is Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurayshi, caliph of the Islamic State in the area.

“All Americans have returned safe and sound from the operation,” Joe Biden reported when announcing al-Hashimi’s death. However, there are at least 13 dead and Unicef ​​confirms that among them there are at least six children. According to the US, the caliph set off a bomb to immolate himself before his capture and killed several members of his family. This is information that is difficult to verify and we still have days of cross-propaganda ahead of us, but we know that this is not the first or the fifteenth time that the US prioritizes its military objectives over the ‘collateral effects’ that may occur in the personal environment of the terrorists.

Whatsapp, violations and women’s football

today on the podcast We stop at the case of the coach of the Rayo Vallecano women’s soccer team, who is at the center of the controversy after a WhatsApp audio leaked in which he frivolized with co-workers about a well-known case of rape in the world of football.

We visited the Rayo field, we spoke with the people in the stands and with a former player who knows what happens in the locker room. And we remember what the ‘Arandina case’ was.

don’t miss it

  • care. The Ministry of Social Rights proposes that workers have 7 days of family care leave. It is not designed only for child care but would be worth, for example, to accompany your mother to the doctor or so that we can attend to our partners if they need it. The Podemos minister Ione Belarra wants to include it in the next Family Law.
  • HIV variant. A mutation of the AIDS virus has been detected that is more contagious and more aggressive in people who do not receive adequate and timely treatment. here you have the data.
  • Stop buy to rent. Amsterdam will force owners to live four years in the homes they buy. With this they want to curb speculation, which ends up inflating both purchase and rental prices, in addition to causing an artificial shortage in the market. It activates on April 1. Who rules in Amsterdam? A coalition between the green left and the social democrats.
  • It does not rain. The rains from October to January have fallen in Spain by 25% and predict conflicts due to lack of water to meet the demands for irrigation in agriculture. It is the October-January period with the second worst data so far in the 21st century.

Trivial Tertullian

Blue – Name two countries that have a border with Ukraine.

pink – What is the name of the artist representing Spain in the next edition of Eurovision?

Yellow – What famous scientific communicator was before a militant of the PCE, then Minister of European Relations with Adolfo Suárez and then MEP of the CDS?

Brown – Who is the United We Can candidate for the presidency of Castilla y León?

Green – What is an asteroid called that ‘hooks’ into the orbit of a planet and remains for a long time accompanying it around the Sun?

Orange – Which Spaniard has won the Ballon d’Or this year as the best female football player in the world?


Blue – They are: Russia, Belarus, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Moldova.

pink -Channel

Yellow -Edward Punset

Brown – Paul Fernandez.

Greentrojan asteroid

Orange – Alexia Putellas.