Wednesday, March 22

📩 NEWSLETTER | married, wounded

What a week we have ahead of us. Let’s go to the mess. Good Morning!

Are we seeing the last days of Pablo Casado as president of the PP? The feeling, of course, is of a self-destructive spiral in Genoa, with a fiery Isabel Díaz Ayuso who does not want to take prisoners.

The script twist over the weekend has been dramatic. Casado, who on Friday had gained ground on Ayuso because more and more suspicions arise about the commission of the president’s brother, has had to give his arm to twist due to the pressure of the barons. From accusing her of corruption to pardoning her in 24 hours. Feijoo takes center stage and Casado comes across as someone very weak. Ayuso, far from reconciling, goes for it all: he smells blood.

On today’s podcast I summarize it for you in case you missed something:

This morning the PP gathers its organizational leadership and, although it does not seem that harakiri is going to be done, need to find a way out and a response to the concentration of thousands of Ayuso supporters who gathered yesterday in Genoa. AND to the cover of ABC. AND to the editorial of El Mundo.

is the great paradox. As it explains Ignacio Escolar in his article today, what we have before us “is one more example of this Trumpist decade, of that world where the story and emotions are much more important than the truth.” A PP politician has a pretty serious case of alleged corruption on top of him and the one who seems to be losing is his party, for wanting to investigate it. Surreal.

Because let us not forget that the origin of this crisis, as told three months ago, is in the contract of the Community of Madrid that derived in a commission for Tomás Díaz Ayuso. Today we bring you details of that operation: the masks sold to the administration in exchange for 1.5 million euros they were a cheaper model than the one established in the award conditions.

The towns of Don Benito and Villanueva de la Serena have decided to merge to create a new city in Extremadura. By referendum. A political audacity in times when identities are built by separating, not uniting. And that almost went wrong.

we dedicate to this a chapter of the podcast a few weeks ago. We took it for granted, like all the media, that the yes would come out, that’s what all the polls said and there was unanimity among the political groups in each locality.

Well yes, the ‘yes’ has won, but the taste in the mouth left by the count is strange. The minimum threshold for the operation to be approved was a vote in favor of 66% in each of the towns. Villanueva de la Serena met expectations and 90% have said yes to the merger. But in Don Benito things were so tight that until after midnight it was not possible to confirm a victory of the ‘yes’ that will make people talk. The official website of the count began to fail when the result fell short of Yes, which gave tension to the night. In the end, the authorities communicated the final result: 66.27% of favorable votes. For two tenths.