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New mental maps

Wars are also places in memory. If we are lucky and we do not have a direct relationship with the place where they occur, wars throw us information on maps of places that we do not know. First we become familiar with the outline of the country, of the area, we learn to pronounce the capital and we learn the other ways to call it. Then the names of smaller cities sound to us, where the attacks intensify or the resistance is formed. Most of those names we will forget, at some point, not too late. But always in wars there is a moment of such impact and cruelty that a small, insignificant place in our lives is fixed forever.

In this war, the one in the Ukraine, the one in Kiev or Kyiv, the one in Kharkiv and Lviv, that place may end up being Mariupol.

Ukraine has claimed that the tremendous images that reach us from that city to the south of the country correspond to the Russian bombing of a mother and child hospital. With the passing of the hours we will know how serious it has been, but the images do not invite optimism. Putin is targeting this city of some 400,000 inhabitants on the shore of the Black Sea, surrounded by tanks, without electricity, without water and with corpses in the streets. Here more clues about what we know.

The political importance of a Coca-Cola

today on the podcast We are talking about the weight of the closure in Russia of such symbolic powers for capitalism as Coca-Cola or McDonald’s, which at the time were the icebreakers of the West in the USSR. A trip to the past that now closes the cycle.

don’t miss it

  • Feijóo already exerts as president of the PP although he is not yet. Ask the PSOE to vote for Mañueco in Castilla y León to prevent them from depending on Vox. Vox, for his part, he plays hard.
  • 180º. That is the degree of the turn that the PSOE has just given on the victims of asbestos, who were going to receive compensation through a public fund. The Socialists now want the fund to be for relatives of workers exposed to asbestos, but not for the workers themselves. Bit strange.
  • Masks. The debate on the removal of masks in schools grows: a study casts doubt on its usefulness. Not because masks don’t work, but because children are children and there is no way to control that they put it on well for so long, without touching or having close contact.

things i didn’t know

  • I didn’t know the story of the shoulder pads. Originally they were pieces for male use in American football. The pads became popular in 1931 thanks to a movie character played by actress Joan Crawford. Its hatching happened in the following decade, coinciding with the Second World War. People say that, with the men in the front, the women had to occupy traditionally masculine spaces and the shoulder pads helped to gain presence and security.
  • I didn’t know the story of the Endurance, the ship that was trapped in the ice in 1915 and whose crew carried out a true feat of survival. They walked on the ice to an island and then a small group took a lifeboat, sailed 17 days to a port where they could call for help. Four months later, the 22 sailors waiting on the island were rescued. The ship has been found this week at the bottom of the sea.
  • He did not know that the main international film festivals also had a geopolitical origin. The pioneer was La Mostra de Venecia, which was created on behalf of Mussolini to attract the middle class to fascist propaganda. Cannes was born with anti-fascist DNA. The Berlinale played a role between the two Germanys. More details.

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