Friday, January 21

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The PP has pressed the button of the orange juicer, which is not manual but one of those industrialists that goes through a press to remove every last drop. The President of Castilla y Le贸n, Fern谩ndez Ma帽ueco (PP), has dismissed all the advisers of Citizens, also to his vice president, who has found out in a very humiliating way. The orange strike is linked to another decision: elections are called for February 13. In summary: the PP looks strong to drink the votes of Citizens and goes for them, this time without the excuse of a motion of censure in Murcia.

With Citizens juice We will have breakfast for a new electoral cycle, which after Castilla y Le贸n will continue in Andalusia also in 2022, and from there we will place ourselves in the municipal and regional elections of May 2023. In the autumn of that year, the general elections will be played again. Anyway, mambo.

For Casado, the acceleration of the times in Castilla y Le贸n and Andalusia is very good for him, because a good campaign and good results would help him to reinforce the idea that there is a 鈥淧P effect鈥 on the rise and thus dilute the protagonism of Ayuso as the savior of the party.

  • CIS. Oh, and that yesterday came out the CIS survey. The PSOE closes the year with a seven-point advantage over the PP. The balances would be very similar to those of the elections of two years ago. Yolanda D铆az continues to be the most valued leader. Of course, to United We Can, the thing about Castilla y Le贸n comes now regular.


Open nightclubs and mandatory outdoor masks. It seems like a 2020 occurrence but that is the recipe to save time that several autonomous communities are proposing on the edge of 2022, which we are going to enter with the incidence soaring and without fully knowing yet the effect that the predominance of omicron will have on hospitalizations .

Catalonia has decided to take the lead and not wait for meetings with Moncloa. The Generalitat has asked the Justice to endorse it to recover the curfew, close nightclubs, restrict seats and prohibit meetings of more than 10 people at Christmas. In Catalan schools more positive cases than ever have been detected. If the previous waves surprised us by having respected the transmission between children much more than we feared, now … it is not like that. The incidence throughout Spain has risen almost 100 points more during the weekend.

The WHO calls to cancel Christmas parties: 鈥淎n event canceled it’s better than a canceled life“Said the CEO, who is” very concerned “by the evidence that vaccines protect worse against omicron than against earlier versions of the virus.

  • The resistance. There is a group of people who for now are avoiding the worst of the sixth wave: the oldest. They are more prudent, they have fewer social and work obligations, they are vaccinated. Here more data by age.

Chile chose left

Let’s talk about Chile. Today on the podcast, we analyze the victory of the new left in a battle in extremis against the far-right candidate, favorite in the polls. Former student leader Gabriel Boric becomes president of a different Chile. Let’s get to know him more.

  • By the way! We are very happy: our podcast has been selected as 2021 Revelation Podcast by Amazon Music Spain. It is a recognition “to celebrate those new podcasts that had an exceptional performance within Amazon Music this year.” So: thanks for listening to us so much. What a pleasure.

Don’t let it pass you

  • Electric heating can be a wreck in cold winters, especially if the insulation of the house is not what it should. This is exactly what happens to thousands of vulnerable families, to whom this consumption is the finishing touch of the rise in the energy bill. Several organizations ask the Government for measures.
  • Ragpicker. The head of the Mossos, who became famous first for the anti-terrorist operation of the Rambla attacks, and later for being in the heart of the 1-O, of which he was acquitted. The summary that they make in the Generalitat is that he ended up very resentful of that, the myth surpassed the policeman and that made dealing with him very complicated. Here a very interesting chronicle of Neus Tom脿s.
  • Rafael Nadal has tested positive for Covid-19 one day after meeting without a mask with the king emeritus in Abu Dhabi. The Royal House announces that Juan Carlos I awaits PCR results.
  • Femicides. For the murder of a woman to add up to the statistics of sexist violence, until now, it had to have been carried out by a partner or ex-partner. Sex offenders out of nowhere, for example, didn’t count. That has just changed and from now on Spain counts (although it classifies separately) also those deaths in a new record of femicides, a term that we finally incorporated from Latin America. Spain will be the first European country to do so.

Everything is politics

  • My porn. Years ago, a group of women, who felt cheated by a porn producer, decided to organize and fight back. They agreed to the recording of scenes for a limited distribution that was never real and their image ended up on free mass consumption portals. They denounced and now they have just obtained the copyright of those images, which they can use to remove them from the Internet. Opens a precedent. More details.
  • Veronica Forqu茅. The death of the actress continues to generate uncomfortable echoes in that world of double screens, between television and social networks. In Save me, they go from paradox to paradox, they say that it is “terrible that in this country, because we are on TV, we have to assume that we have to receive harassment and insults.” In El Confidencial they have published reports on how Master Chef it’s more of a reality show than a contest of kitchen.
  • Deadline. Buying something online and having it at home in three days is a model who is in danger. The supply crisis and the environmental regulations that will eventually come will change world trade and companies look like they will not continue to risk so much, prioritizing keeping a stock, a backup inventory against possible complications in that oiled chain of processes between manufacturing and delivery.

Winter is coming today. But don’t forget to ventilate.

See you tomorrow.

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