Tuesday, January 25

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The incidence is running rampant. Spain has registered this Tuesday the highest daily number of infections since the pandemic began. And that in more and more places the health centers are totally saturated and it is difficult to get a PCR or report a positive. We all know that the numbers are even higher. Health has notified this Tuesday, that sometimes we forget, 94 deaths. Ninety-four deaths from coronavirus in one day. Here you have data on how pressure rises in hospitals.

In Madrid, the impact of the virus has tripled in a week. No previous wave of positives rose that fast in just one week. The neighborhoods that rise the most are those with high incomes, which is no coincidence: the more money, the more nightlife. And I know what it is to give him a ball, but this outrage may have consequences: Ayuso assures that “in health centers not everyone wants to work and lean your shoulder ”. Another unapologetic attack on public health.

The Public Health Commission of the Ministry of Health has indicated that no need to keep a 10-day home quarantine when it has been in contact with a positive. It was the official recommendation until now and, despite the fact that omicron is developing mild symptoms in those already vaccinated, the experts do not change the criteria.

Are we vaccinated and that protects us from the worst? Yes. Does that mean that being exposed to the virus is not so serious and you have to learn to live with it? Well, that is what most of the Spanish authorities seem to think, which until today have resisted taking very restrictive measures. It is like being on the shore of a beach from which everyone runs away because a big wave arrives and thinking, while we hold on to our new float: “Actually, how much damage can a simple wave do?” We will see.

So we come to The meeting today between the Government and the autonomous communities to take joint measures. We do not expect drastic decisions like those made by other countries, among other things because the Constitutional Court and the Supreme Court have their breath on the neck of the Government, but we have been able to know the proposals that Pedro Sánchez brings to the table: the main ones are the capacity limits in hospitality, reduction of mass events and, if things continue to complicate, closing of nightlife. We will see who accepts. Catalonia will press to toughen measures.

Budgets interruptus

Well, today the Government was prepared to celebrate the approval of the Budgets after their processing in the Senate when, surprise, an amendment from Compromís has obtained enough support for the traffic light to turn red and the text has to be voted on again in Congress. Since the Senate does what it does, Congress will end up approving it anyway, just a few days from now.

The grace of what has happened is elsewhere: the modification has gone ahead with the support of the PP, and it turns out that it was an amendment to allocate 1.6 million to the promotion of co-official languages, against which half the legislature has been campaigning . What Married gets to do just to annoy.

Can not be!

Today on the podcast I bring you a bit of digital surrealism. I rescue the story of one of the first YouTube memes, back in 2006, because it has a surprising ending in 2021.

The protagonist is Delfin Quishpe, author of a strange video clip in tribute to the victims of the Twin Towers that went viral in Spain. What relationship has it ended up having with politics and the pandemic? I tell you.

Don’t let it pass you

  • Vertigo. Give people a house and think about what they are going to live on. The challenges for La Palma when the volcano is considered extinguished they are so elementary that it gives vertigo to think about it.
  • Cable cutter. There is a group that has been dedicated this weekend to cut cables of the Christmas lights in Madrid. It is a sabotage to draw attention to the waste that they suppose while there are homes without supply or in energy poverty. The action has had international repercussions. This is what we know about them.
  • Negative king. Yesterday I happened to tell you that Juan Carlos de Borbón was negative in PCR after having close contact with a positive, Rafa Nadal, in Abu Dhabi.
  • Ow mom. The songs that will compete in a kind of new Benidorm Festival to win the Spanish place in Eurovision. So far it is not something that catches my attention to share it with you, but then I have listened the great song by Rigoberta Bandini. It gives me that with this it is bundled.

In today’s chapter

  • Commercial drama. It turns out that in the sequel to Sex and the City, a treadmill company pays to appear in the first episode. The creators decide that one of the mythical protagonists of the first series dies running on that tape. Shares of the company plummet. But they react and make a video to turn it around. Until the final finishing touch: accusations of abuse against the actor. A crazy story from the world of television that they tell you best this thread by Almudena Ariza Y in Vertele.
  • Rancid. Local phenomena are difficult to explain out of context. But let’s say there is a guy who has sold more than 100,000 copies of his humor novels in a Sevillian and popular key. They interview him today at eldiario.es/Andalucía: “They will never give me a literary award, but for people to tell you that they have read again thanks to you is wonderful,” says Julio Muñoz, a brilliant guy (he’s a friend, I confess ) and daily reader of this newsletter.
  • I am nervous. ‘How I Met Your Mother’ is a series that made me laugh out loud for years, and I was very sad to say goodbye to those ‘legen… darios’ characters. Well, in January it opens in the US ‘How I met your father’ And, oh, I really don’t know if I want to see it.

If you become a millionaire today, don’t stop reading us, okay? See you here tomorrow.

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