Monday, January 17

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In the first wave it was toilet paper and masks. Now it’s the antigen tests. They are runing out. The day before yesterday I went out to look for one and I had to go through three pharmacies until I got the last two of a consignment of 60 that had arrived… half an hour before. They fly.

I tell you the anecdote as an example because we have checked in this report that the problem is spreading at least in Madrid and, as far as we know, it is already beginning to happen in other cities. I have been told cases of people who collect dozens of tests to take them to the guests before entering the house for meetings or Christmas parties. Then you have examples like the outbreak of 33 cases which has occurred at a wedding with 500 people in Seville. Now imagine all the guests, and their cohabitants and close friends, going to pharmacies for tests. That’s already thousands. Suppliers are starting to run out of supply.

The other big underlying reason for this antigen test fever is that health centers are overcrowded and simply making an appointment for a PCR is complicated.

  • Forties, to the tail. The Ministry of Health has modified its criteria of a few days ago and has approved the booster dose for those over 40 and those vaccinated with AstraZeneca. When the band from 50 to 59 ends, it’s their turn.

Change of minister

Manuel Castells will cease to be Minister of Universities. We anticipated it last night in At 79 years old, he has health problems and on medical recommendation he has decided to quit. Castells represented in the Government the political family of the communes of Ada Colau. He will be replaced by a man fully trusted by the mayor of Barcelona: Joan Subirats.

  • Y here a profile of Joan Subirats, who gives me that we will listen more. He was already deputy mayor in the Barcelona City Council and, before that, he was an academic reference for researchers and activists in the field of democratic participation after 15M.

The paper mind

Today’s podcast It is an interview with the script manager of the series The Money Heist, with which we talk about politics, success and mental health.

I have known Javier Gómez Santander for years because we were interns together. He is a journalist converted to fiction, brilliant in everything he touches. From his head have come the most memorable political winks of the series. But the worst ghosts of depression or anxiety have also emerged from that same head. We talk about all that, in case it helps someone.

It is a chapter a bit long for what is usual, but short it seems to me. I hope you too.

Don’t let it pass you

  • Elections in Chile. This Sunday the second round of elections is held in Chile. Surely you read headlines that “two extremes” face right and left. As it happens on other occasions, it is a tricky argument and this interview explains it well.
  • New words in the RAE dictionary: cachopo, transgender, polyamory and bot.
  • Samantha hudson has gone through the writing of The talk with Mónica Zas leaves us fascinated. I love this phrase: “To this day, I am in the perineum of the genre: I do not feel that I fit in the category of man or in the category of woman.”

Tertullian Trivial

Blue – From which river to the north are the communities with the highest growth of coronavirus infections in this wave?

pink – What former Spanish star is the Compromís party trying to summon in the Senate to explain its relationship with the collection of reserved funds?

Yellow – How many children did the law in China allow a family until the 2015 reform?

Brown – Which minister had the powers of Universities before Manuel Castells was appointed in 2020?

Green – What does the acronym EPI mean, the technical name of the isolation suits used by health workers in contact with those infected during the pandemic?

Orange – What exotic species introduced in Spain as a pet 30 years ago today poses a threat to urban ecosystems?


Blue – Ebro

pink – Barbara Rey.

Yellow – One

Brown – Pedro Duque

Green – Individual protection equipment

Orange – The parrots.

Last weekend before Christmas. Enjoy it, but be careful.

A hug,