Friday, January 28

📩 NEWSLETTER | Meritocracy

It’s Friday and a bridge is coming. By the way, I bridge so we will miss each other until Thursday. Let’s go with today!

Where is the day going

A mythological being called a meritocracy

Those of us who have been lucky enough to be born into a family with solid socioeconomic support have had it easier in educational life. This is so, although some people, especially the richest or most successful, refuse to accept it and subscribe to the discourse that “if you want, you can” or that with effort, everything is possible. Look no

The data in this extraordinary report say so: The income level of the parents outweighs the abilities of the children. Half of the poor students repeat a grade at some point during their schooling. Among the rich, the rate is 8.9%. There is another gap even worse: even if you have poor grades, your chances of prospering academically are much better than those of someone with the same ability but less family income. That is what you see in these graphics.

Anyway, a disaster.

Justice under suspicion

The first practical case is here where it is clear that the appointment in the Constitutional Court of two new members with a close relationship with the PP, Concha Espejel and especially Enrique Arnaldo, will pose a permanent credibility problem for the judicial body. The Constitutional Court has yet to rule on the Supreme Court’s conviction against the procés leaders, who appealed the sentence and are now asking that Espejel and Arnaldo recuse themselves for “lack of impartiality.” They have left it on a tray.

By the way, let me not let you know one thing. If you become a member of here, you will receive the book as a gift at home ‘The kidnapping of Justice‘by Ignacio Escolar, who you already know has mastered the subject like no one else, and Judge Joaquim Bosch. They send it to you signed and everything. In addition, since the book does not have microchips, it will surely reach you before Reyes.

  • I continue with courts. The judicial decisions are cornering politics and science in Spain until they lead us all to total confusion. If you have doubts, and I am not surprised, in which communities you will need to accredit the vaccination to enter a restaurant or museum, here you have a map.
  • Christmas. The Government wants to avoid the legal and political minefield that are the limitations of capacity, hours and mobility, and clings to the third dose not to apply new restrictions at Christmas.

A graveyard under the lava

A tongue of lava has buried the largest cemetery on La Palma and today on the podcast we want to stop and think about the implications that this has for families who have a relative buried there.

  • More podcasts. If you’re getting a taste of podcasts, here you have the video of the round table that yesterday I moderated with three great authors of this type of format at the III Meeting of Ibero-American Journalism. I think it was interesting and we talked about how they are made.

Don’t let it pass you

  • Budgets S1 E03 . ERC is not going to veto the Budgets agreed with the PSOE for now despite the lack of understanding about the Catalan quotas on Netflix or HBO that had been negotiated as a condition for their support. I say for now because they are still negotiating, but at least we already know that ERC will not present an amendment to the entirety in the Senate. To be continue.
  • The left. Pablo Iglesias did it, Carmena did it, Errejón did it and even Julio Anguita did it, although some of them either folded candles or ended up being pushed into the corner. Yolanda Díaz also claims that his space is not “to the left of the PSOE” but his bet is “transversal”.
  • Taser. Three years after its implementation in Catalonia, we already have the first killed by a shock of a Mossos taser pistol.
  • b4kun4. All social networks say that they have filters to avoid the content that denies dangerous to health and that spreads hoaxes about the pandemic, but it is not so easy to control them. Here the tricks they use to skip them.
  • Vulva. Do not tell your daughter or your granddaughter all the time that this is “la rajita”. It’s called the vulva. Come on, say it out loud: vulva. If you say it ten times, it stops being weird.

Tertullian Trivial

Blue – Scientists in which country were the first to detect the existence of the omicron variant?

pink – With whom will you present the chimes through Twitch the streamer Ibai Llanos?

Yellow – Who has been the head of state of Barbados for decades, until this week?

Brown – What is the name of the mayor of Vigo?

Green – What animal is being hunted illegally in Galicia to smuggle its meat for possible food uses?

Orange – What footballer has defended Amancio Ortega in the Pablo Motos program against those who say “that if the taxes, that if I don’t know what …”?



Blue – South Africa.

Rosa – With Ramón García.

Yellow – British Queen Elizabeth II.

Brown – Abel Caballero.

Green – Wild horse.

Orange – Gerard Piqué.