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67,000 and something more

Today the Government approves a decree law to take the initiative against the precariousness and temporality that are gaining ground in public health in many autonomous communities. Regional governments are going to be forced to convert into permanent positions those that have been covered by temporary contracts for more than three years. That should help stabilize 67,000 jobs. Who will fill those seats? That’s another discussion. Will this serve so that there are more doctors in the system? Not necessarily. We explain it all here.

  • We continue with laws. The new Democratic Memory Law agrees with PSOE and United We Cansaves the first vote in Congress and heads for final approval. Look at the keys of the textin case the debate becomes entangled along the way.
  • Under the mattress. The effort of public money to alleviate the economic effects in Spain of the war in Ukraine will be almost totally offset by an increase in tax collection. Wait for me to explain it to you more easily: subsidies such as gasoline, the check for low incomes and the rest of the measures add up to 15,000 million euros. The payment of taxes for the increase in consumption (and prices) and for the growth of employment they have already left an extra 13,400 million in so far this year.

How much (money) does a child cost?

Now that there is a lot of talk about scholarships, about the purchasing power of families… today on the podcast We talked about what it costs to have children. What expenses spend more money on? And when is it more expensive, in the diaper stage or in adolescence? What do families with fewer resources give up? Are the initiatives to promote the birth rate enough?

we will not be forgottenIt won’t be for us. We are going to continue investigating the deaths of around thirty people at the Melilla fence, a week and a half ago. Official versions about what exactly happened, we have few. Security camera footage, none. Explanations by the civil guards involved in the “border cooperation with Morocco”, either. What we do have is the testimony of the survivors, who They denounce that the Civil Guard beat them and that they returned injured people to Morocco. That is illegal.

The European Commission, as much as it wants to side with Spain, does have to at least maintain its forms, says that we must investigate what happened.

don’t miss it

  • the wind takes it away. There was once a plot to distribute a good part of the money that the Junta de Castilla y León invested in wind energy among senior officials. The most benefited of all of them has just been freed from paying 9.4 million euros for a bureaucratic error. Read complete this storythe first signed by Rafael Méndez in
  • a cold goodbye. The world’s glaciers are dying. And also, sometimes, its death with cracks and avalanches due to global warming also ends up causing real deaths. If you have ever seen one up close, you will be interested to know how and where they lose stability, in this article.
  • Macro lawsuit against the bank. The floor clauses will reach the European Justice thanks to a macro-demand filed by ADICAE against more than 40 banks and savings banks on behalf of thousands of affected Spaniards.
  • whorehouses. it’s interesting this profile of the Spanish whore published in El País. The prototype has been young for many years, unconcerned about the consequences of its “consumption”. Now they have a new argument to justify what they do: “freedom”.
  • national shame. It has happened again: Several people have been killed in a shooting near Chicago.. This time the symbolism is devastating: it happened during a parade to celebrate July 4, Independence Day, a national patriotic holiday in the US.

everything is politics

  • Gilead. The Supreme Court’s slap in the face of the right to abortion in the US continues to kick in in all possible forms of expression. In this videothe protagonists of The Handmaid’s Tale recall that what our world is experiencing today is not fiction, although it increasingly resembles the dystopia of the famous television series where women are exploited to support the birth rate of the ruling class .
  • The unbearable life of the rich. The fascination with the rich and their lifestyle, their problems and their dramas, their luxuries and their betrayals, has been an entertainment for the common people since the world is world. After a few years where the rage over the crisis extinguished any empathy, it turns out that the genre is triumphing again with new digital ingredients. From Who lives there to White Lotus, from Tamara Falcó to Georgina. That love-hate has its social reading.


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