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mystery and scam

The scandal of the masks in Madrid is on the way to complicate the life of the two mainstays of the PP in the capital of Spain. Mayor Martínez Almeida no longer knows what to do to try to dodge the blow, but he has it complicated: he has admitted that it was his right-hand man who facilitated the contact at the City Hall with Luis Medina to end up closing an operation for the sale of masks for an indecent amount of money that, according to a judge, may directly imply a scam. The material, for which they pocketed six million euros of the total of 11 million that cost the sale, it was also faulty. One of the commission agents, the son of the Duke of Feria and Naty Abascal, acknowledges that earned one million euros only for making contact between another businessman and the City Council, although his version does not coincide with that of Almeida, who assures that found out in that his cousin acted as ‘cicerone’ of the commissioners in the City Council. There are still blank spaces in this story.

That at City Hall. In the Community, there is also a relevant novelty on the matter of masks, commissions and Ayuso’s brother. The Anti-Corruption Prosecutor has questioned the Minister of Health of Madrid for that contract from which Tomás Díaz Ayuso also received as an intermediary.

who talks about climate change

I already told you yesterday that this week I had missed giving the importance it deserved to the latest available data on climate change. And that mistake has led me to the focus of today’s podcast: The pandemic a little, but above all the war, have destroyed part of the interest that the climate debate was finally arousing.

That’s what we’re talking about today. If you don’t listen to him, you would be confirming my thesis, but I prefer that you contradict me.

The war, indeed, remains at the center of the news focus. International Amnesty has documented more executions of civilians outside kyiv. We have done a map to better situate you what we know so far about the attacks on civilians in Ukraine.

TOrussian tanks to civils in ucranito

Russian Army advance areas

TOrussian tanks to civils in ucranito

this landscape is muddying the negotiations, which had accelerated but now no longer seem to advance. In the purely military, although we all talk about the Russian failure in that initial objective of dominating Ukraine in just a few days, the reality is that the only thing the Ukrainian army does is resist as best it can and not everywhere. In the east and in the south, the position of the Russian forces seems very solid. Weapons from NATO countries continue to find their way into Ukrainian hands.

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tertullian trivia

Blue – In which province is Gernika?

pink – In which program is the interviewee always asked how much money he has and how many sexual relations he has had in the last month?

Yellow – What other president of the PP, before Pablo Casado, never became president of the Government?

Brown – Who is the Minister of the Interior?

Green – Will the use of a mask be mandatory during the Easter street crowds?

Orange – What will the FC Barcelona field be officially called after the agreement with a new sponsor?


Blue – Biscay

pink – The resistance

Yellow – Manuel Fraga

Brown – Fernando Grande-Marlaska

Green – Yes

Orange – Spotify Camp Nou.


Well, with the permission of the Fair’s cassette players, I get a few days off, which, as far as I know, the labor reform continues to allow.

So we read each other again after Easter. Rest what you can.

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