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Today let me start with the history of the Goya painting that ended up in the hands of Esperanza Aguirre and then was sold to the great builder Juan Miguel Villar Mir. We have revealed it to you in parts in but today, with the help of Ignacio Escolar, we are telling you the complete story in podcast format. It has no waste.

Testament or figurehead

Corinna Larsen wrote that she wanted 30% of a hidden fortune in New Zealand, if she died, it went to Juan Carlos de Borbón. That money came from a “Hispanic Saudi Investment Fund,” according to 2007 documents unveiled this Sunday by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists. When you entrust your assets to someone else through opaque mechanisms, it is usually to avoid paying taxes and bequeath a fortune. What a will or rather what a figurehead would do. Is about a new link between the king emeritus and tax havens.

Corinna Larsen’s is just one of many names unveiled by a group of more than 600 journalists from 150 media outlets in 117 countries who have been working for a year on 12 million secret documents on the fiscal management of the world’s most powerful political leaders. One of those media involved is, our sister project in Argentina, which is already publishing the first exclusives since last night.

In Spain, the media that make up the consortium are The country and The sixth. The documents attest to the opaque practices of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair; the president of Chile, Sebastián Piñera; of the King of Jordan; of artists like Miguel Bosé, Shakira or Claudia Schiffer; or figures from the world of football. The severity of the mechanisms varies, from the tax amnesty that Guardiola accepted for his fortune amassed in Andorra up to twenty companies in tax havens by Julio Iglesias. Here a summary of the main thing that is known so far.

Day p

From Puigdemont. Today, the former president of the Generalitat Carles Puigdemont, detained at an airport in Sardinia and then released pending his statement today, appears before the Italian court. Will the judge set you free as others did before in Germany or Belgium? Will he surprise and order his extradition to Spain? Catalan politics is holding its breath, and also the legal world, because about what should happen with Puigdemont there is a legal and institutional train crash between the Supreme Court and the State Bar.

  • Judges never do anything wrong. This is how it should be, because the Judiciary has only expelled six judges for disciplinary reasons in forty years of democracy. And then the Supreme Court came and reversed three of those expulsions. Here you can know the cases.

Chaos because of Brexit

If it were not because it is not good to be happy about the evil of others, and especially because half the country actually voted against Brexit in that damn referendum, we could say that “they deserve it”. The situation in the UK is chaotic. There is a lack of gasoline because there is a lack of truckers, there is a lack of food because there is a lack of butchers … in short, there is a lack of essential workers (this is what cheap immigrant labor is now called, right?) For the country to function normally, and for that it depends on an open border that it no longer works the same and of foreign workers who can no longer circulate. The perfect storm of Brexit has been unleashed and, although its leaders deny the greatest and say that what happens has nothing to do with leaving the EU because in other European countries it is happening the same, we all know that they are lying. Today we will see 200 soldiers of the British Armed Forces go through the most conflictive points to distribute gasoline.

And Almodóvar

We interview Pedro Almodóvar, which tells us that the great movie about the Civil War is yet to be made, and that he believes that theaters will disappear and those that remain will be places of worship.

In addition, in we advance an unpublished fragment of his new film, Parallel mothers.

Do not pass

  • Taxes and companies. You don’t have to read, you have to memorize this report on how large companies pay taxes from Spain. The 216 companies that invoice more than 1,000 million euros a year pay (in practice, not in theory) a 5.47% tax on their profit. It is up to four times more than the usual figure for small and medium-sized companies.
  • Ivan Redondo, who happened to be the great guru in the shadow of Pedro Sánchez, has given his first interview (to Jordi Évole) after his schismatic departure from Moncloa. He insists that he was the one who made the decision, although the indications point to the contrary.

Things i didn’t know

  • Did not know the technique used by reindeer as a defensive mechanism to protect themselves from possible attacks by hunters or predators. They begin to move in a coordinated fashion in a large spiral or ‘tornado’, leaving the young in the center. There are images taken from a drone that seem like science fiction. Thanks to this reader by the warning.

  • He did not know that the Latin expression ‘Quid pro quo’ doesn’t really mean ‘give something to receive something’ (which would be do ut des ) but ‘substitute one thing for another’. The origin of the error is not in The Silence of the Lambs and its “Quid pro quo, Clarice”, But it comes from before: in English it began to be used in the seventeenth century with that meaning, because for that the English do what they want with the languages ​​of others, and it is already used that way even in international diplomatic environments. This story and the next one are sent to me by Fernando Rojas, a reader who also plays with his friends with our Trivia questions.

  • He did not know that spicy is originally a defense mechanism of many plants to prevent mammals from eating their seeds. Evolution has found the chemical component (the capsaicin) that irritates our mouth. That is, the spicy is not a flavor but a torture (which some of us have made pleasant). In fact, the spiciness does not usually have an effect on the birds, accomplices of these plants in the dissemination of the seeds. They explain more to you in Tres pies al gato.

Good Monday.

Tomorrow we read each other again.


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