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📩 NEWSLETTER | No egos, second notice

Did you know that Carles Puigdemont had a camera installed in one of the corridors of the Generalitat in case they came to arrest him on 1-O and have it recorded? It is October 1, four years ago since 1-O that politics changed in Catalonia and in all of Spain, and we remember some little-known details of that day. We do it in today’s chapter of ‘Un topic al día’, our podcast, and with Neus Tomàs.

The Parliament, by the way, voted on the eve of 1-O against calling a unilateral referendum in this same legislature. The CUP has wanted to ‘portray’ the rest of the pro-independence parties, ERC and Junts, which have effectively shown that they are betting on an agreed consultation and have voted against. This fracture the independence bloc. Meanwhile, the Supreme Court judge, Pablo Llarena, has again addressed the Italian judges to demand the delivery of Carles Puigdemont.

Yolanda Díaz, second notice

Yolanda Díaz says that like the negotiation to form a candidacy of confluence “go for egos”, the same thing gives up trying to lead it. “I am surrounded by egos” and “as there is noise, I’m likely to go”. Who are you referring to? Nobody takes for granted.

It is not the first time that Yolanda Díaz warns that, no matter how much Pablo Iglesias gave her the baton, she is not willing to swallow anything to be a candidate. From the outset, it has no organic charge at United We Can. And what he seeks is to rebuild the space to the left of the PSOE, not necessarily from within Podemos. That will bring tail. Here more clues about the future.

  • Goodbye in Equality. Noelia Vera, Secretary of State for Equality, leave your position, his seat of Podemos and politics. “When the body warns, you have to know how to stop, take a breath and take other paths”, has said. Replaces him Angela Rodriguez Pam.

The civil servant example

There are 230,000 civil servants who today they stop teleworking four days a week so they can only do one. The Minister of Public Function is now the Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, and the unions demand that she maintain the agreement signed with them by the previous owner, Miquel Iceta, who planned to enable three days of teleworking per week. The Government says no, that the conditions of the pandemic have changed.

You know, you have to try not to be envious of the bad with the officials, because whenever they lose rights, many other people lose them later. If the government cannot keep telecommuting for its employees, it will be less credible when it tries to convince other companies that it is a good compromise measure.

  • The incidence of the virus continues to decline. The infection rate in adolescents it falls for the first time of the range of the 50 cases that marks the high risk. That despite going back to class.
  • Not 10%. 51 countries in the world have not yet managed to have even 10% of the population with the complete pattern. Most of those countries are in Africa and they are poor. It is clear: the higher the income, the more vaccine. You have more details and graphics like this:

Juan Carlos I speaks

Although he has done it in France. The emeritus king has given a long interview to a journalist in the form of a book, called ‘My fallen king’. Paris Match magazine has advanced some fragments, where it only says vagueness, the truth. Perhaps there is a phrase that admits interpretations: “Will he return soon?”, They ask him. “I have no idea. Some are very happy that I was leaving.” It gives me that it does not only refer to the Republicans.

Juan Carlos I assures, from his refuge in the United Arab Emirates, that “the institutions that I left should be enough. They speak for themselves. But this is true: we destroy institutions more easily than we build them ”. It must refer to that institution called the Tax Agency.

Do not pass

  • The light. The price of energy in the wholesale market today is more expensive than ever and more expensive than in all of Europe. We exceed 200 euros per megawatt / hour. With the measures approved by the Government, it should not be so noticeable on the electricity bill, but something will be noticed.
  • Poor married. What are we going to do, I am an empathic being. I am sad that the day after Pablo Casado received the passionate blessings of Nicolas Sarkozy, the former French president was convicted of illegal financing of his party. He will have to confine himself at home and wear an electronic bracelet to avoid jail. Sarkozy said that when he met Casado 10 years ago, he knew he would be president of Spain. Casado returned the compliment: “We must follow the example of management” of Sarkozy. Ouch.
  • Poor digestion. Angela Merkel’s party is digesting fatal the results of the German elections. Although they mathematically preserve options to govern, the bad numbers have already caused internal tensions in the CDU, which paves the way for government to the Social Democrats.
  • Britney, free. Maybe you are not interested in Britney Spears, but maybe you are because it is a good case of what happens when fame, machismo and objectification are mixed. The pop singer, at 39, has managed to stop her father from being her legal guardian. A summary of the story.

Tertullian Trivial

Blue – Who owns the new land area reclaimed from the sea on La Palma by the accumulation of lava on the coast?

pink – Which singer has ceased to be officially tutored by his father at the age of 39 after a court decision?

Yellow – Who was the number 2 of Pablo Iglesias in the first electoral list of Podemos to the European Parliament, in 2014?

Brown – What is the name of the Minister of Defense of the Government of Spain?

Green – What do we call the mutations of the Covid-19 virus that manage to spread?

Orange – What capacity will be allowed on soccer fields this weekend in Spain?


Blue – To the State

pink – Britney Spears

Yellow – Teresa Rodriguez

Brown – Margarita Robles

Green – Variants

Orange – 100%

Head to the weekend. We read on Monday.

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