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Open door

John Charles I has spent more than 10 hours in the Palacio de la Zarzuela. We know little about what she has talked about with her son, they have not even sent us a photo of the family reunited after two years of confrontation. One detail that can be read between the lines in the statement from the Royal House is that Felipe VI leaves the door open for his father to return to live in Spain, although not in public buildings. We will see.

The government says that the emeritus “has missed the opportunity to apologize.” After his weekend in Sanxenxo and his family day in Zarzuela, Juan Carlos I left the palace waving through the window, got on his private jet paid for by a sheikh and returned to Abu Dhabi on a night flight, where which seems like the new normal for the Royal Family, because they say that in a month we will have him here again. Popcorn.

anti system

Virtually all Vox voters (96%) say they personally distrust the political system, according to the survey. The PP voter is also more dissatisfied with politics than the average.

Ten years ago, half the world warned about how the white man was angry with the system despite being at the top of the pyramid. In France, in Brazil, in the UK, in the US, social discontent was reactionary. In Spain, we had the opposite, the post15M, which channeled this criticism of the system along very different paths. A decade later, it is amazing how the pendulum has brought us to this point: the anti-systems are right-wing and the left is now trying to cushion the destruction of basic consensus. According to the survey, the voters with the most confidence in the system are those of the PSOE and United We Can.

Here more data and graphs.

The left and the field. One of the places to look to understand this new phenomenon is the on the podcastwe wonder what has happened so that the left, which has always had a stronghold in many rural areas, for example in Andalusia, is losing the pulse of that reality.

don’t miss it

  • three months of war. Today marks 90 days since Russia decided to invade Ukraine in what seemed like a lightning operation. We talk to experts what can happen from now on.
  • monkey pox. There are already 36 confirmed cases in Spain and another 22 in the confirmation phase. We reply to the key questions to understand what is monkeypox and we will explain it to you what is zoonosis.
  • There are more than 100,000 jobs in Spain that are uncovered, despite the fact that there are three million unemployed. Reason? Normally that the salaries are too low or that there are not enough trained people.
  • Memory. I liked the reflection you review this article about a Polish journalist who writes about the civil war: Spain is the example of a country that has built the best it has on the premise of forgetting, and even then it has not managed to forget.

everything is politics

  • Mbappé, player-nation. Mbappé is the protagonist of sports news for his sit-in at Real Madrid. Macron, Sarkozy and the Emir of Qatar They have offered everything material and also everything epic to a player who has already become a political and patriotic symbol. Qatari money for the baptism in France of the first player-nation after Maradona.
  • Referees. Continuing with football and with Qatar, FIFA has selected six referees for the first time (three principals and three assistants) for the 2022 Qatar World Cup. We will have to see how a deeply macho country takes it. FIFA could have boasted of positive discrimination, but says it has all been the result of meritocracy.
  • Tell me and save me. A couple of political moments on entertainment television this week. I liked to see to the actor Paul Rivero (Toni Alcántara in Cuéntame) play an understanding heterosexual father with his teenage son who wants to tell him that he is gay. And then there’s the Jorge Javier Vázquez criticizing the king and the media by courtiers.


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