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pinnacle moment

Russia and Ukraine they will meet again today. And this meeting is different from the previous ones: it will last three days. It is almost a negotiating summit, in Turkey. We’re going to hold on to the hope that that’s some kind of solid breakthrough.

Although, truthfully, Russia has sent the world two conflicting messages over the weekend. First with a statement announcing a change in strategy in the war: his Army terminates the operation distributed throughout Ukraine and from now on it will focus on the “liberation” of the Donbas, to the East, where the (until now) pro-Russian areas that claim their independence are located. There are two possible interpretations for this: that Putin’s attacks on kyiv and other cities were a diversion to divide the Ukrainian army; or two, that in reality Russia is giving up its pretensions to subjugate the whole of Ukraine and is trying to make us see that the Donbas is all that matters to it.

And while we were trying to interpret this, the surprise arrived: Russia bombed strategic and military objectives of Lviv (Leopolis), a city considered “the capital of the rearguard”, very close to the Polish border and a safe passageway for refugees or journalists. The reason for the bombardment must be sought, probably, in the fact that at the same time of the attack it was taking place a speech by Joe Biden in Poland.

don’t save the king

The emeritus king of Spain is not inviolable in the United Kingdom. The British justice has just opened a way to put Juan Carlos I on the bench and on the way makes public details that we did not have about Corinna Larsen’s complaint.

today on the podcastwe investigate these details and the reasons why Juan Carlos de Borbón could, there and not here, sit on the bench.

don’t miss it

things i didn’t know

  • He did not know which was the origin of the expression “pull the blanket”. The thing comes from the expulsion of the Jews during the reign of Isabella the Catholic. Some stayed, agreeing to convert to Catholicism. But the tension built up and in 1610 large canvases (blankets) began to appear in Navarrese temples where it was revealed who were the neighbors who were not “authentic” Catholics. The story is a bit Nazi, it makes you want to stop using it.
  • He did not know that there is a thing calledafantasy‘, a condition in which a person cannot recreate images with the mind. That is, if I tell you “think of a banana”, you are probably visualizing a banana right now. If I ask you if your mother is pretty, you will be ‘seeing’ her face. People with aphantasy can’t. more detail.

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