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Pumps and rent agreements

Russia and Ukraine have held a third negotiation meeting in full conflict. Once again in a forest between Poland and Belarus, the delegations have agreed on “small advances” in the logistics of the humanitarian corridors.

But they have talked about other things. Russia came to the meeting with a list of conditions for the ceasefire. The most important thing: to recognize Crimea as part of Russia, to recognize the Donbas republics as independent countries and a constitutional reform in Ukraine to effectively guarantee that it will not enter NATO or the EU. We don’t know what was said inside the meeting, but outside Ukraine said no. I don’t know about you but I see a ray of hope in this news: the foreign ministers of both countries are going to meet in Turkey this Thursday.

In SpainPSOE and United We Can tone down discrepancies on the war to ensure the stability of the Government. Moncloa and Podemos spoke to calm the waters.

What you have to stay with now is another term: “Revenue Agreement”. Pedro Sánchez has said that in order to cushion the economic impact of the war in Spain a “rent agreement” will be necessary. What does that mean? Well, I honestly don’t know. But go stay with the term. The unions have not sounded good.


Today is 8M and feminism returns to the streetwith the aim of regaining strength after the pandemic and with the burden of internal divisions that usually occur in massive social movements.

today on the podcast, we ‘zoom in’ on a particularly serious aspect of inequality: that suffered by domestic workers. Did you know that they do not have the right to unemployment and that neither the minimum wage nor dismissal work the same for them?

Juan Carlos I of Abu Dhabi

Yesterday we saw it coming on the podcastand this same Monday the movement has taken place: the Royal House announces that Juan Carlos de Borbón stays to live in the United Arab Emirates although he will come “frequently” to Spain.

The announcement has been staged with a letter that Juan Carlos I theoretically sends to his son, as if it were his spontaneous will. We all know two things: one, that the letter has been agreed, that is, it is a joint statement. And two: that Juan Carlos I wanted to return to live in an official residence of the royal family and they haven’t let him, as reported by El Confidencial. Saying that it is your wish “at this moment in your life” is the most dignified way you have found to communicate it.

don’t miss it

  • The flag or touch it. The Prosecutor’s Office, the same one that cannot find a way to investigate Juan Carlos I, has asked the Supreme Court to sentence three young people for breaking a Spanish flag.
  • Feijoo on the road. Although everyone knows that he is going to win the PP congress, well, the man has to make the pretense of a campaign to gain sympathy. So Feijóo starts touring Spain.
  • Coronavirus. Incidence drops again up to 443 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. The curve is descending and that has made the pandemic disappear from the news. Some communities show some rebound, but the vaccines work.
  • Counteroffer. We have convinced the head of Economy at to publish a weekly newsletter. If you are interested in business movements and economic analysis, sign up here.

everything is politics

  • I was an atheist. In 2019 something happened that went quite unnoticed but was decisive in accelerating the Russian invasion of Ukraine: the schism in the Orthodox Church. His ‘Pope’ is a spiritual and political ally of Putin, with whom he shares the idea of ​​a Great Russia that includes Ukraine. The Ukrainian church distanced itself, supported the 2014 protests, and ended up becoming independent from Moscow. Here the full story.
  • and now i believe. The video clip of the song ‘Ateo’ by C. Tangana and Nathy Peluso cost Juan Miguel Ferrer, dean of the Cathedral of Toledo, his job after a run-in with his archbishop. Four months later, the former dean has been pardoned and, like the Prodigal Son, he has once again received a cathedral position: attached to the bursar and head of Historical Heritage.
  • influencers beware. If you are an influencer, the Government is going to prohibit you from advertising to minors about food of all kinds. That’s in addition to the media’s blanket ban on accepting ads for unhealthy products for children, such as chocolate bars. If you are an influencer, you better promote this newsletter, which has no sugar.

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