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📩 NEWSLETTER | Reinfecting is not so rare anymore

Ukraine has been a game board for international geopolitics for decades, but in the last eight years it has definitively embodied the open conflict between the US and Russia, between NATO and Putin. The tension begins to run wild due to the possibility of a Russian invasion and even Spain has just offered military personnel to the Ukrainian arsenal with which NATO wants to scare Putin. The cold war heats up.

I do not know the keys to how this conflict unfolds on the Ukrainian map or what real possibilities there are that the drums of war become older, but I can recommend some simple readings these days that are helping me understand:

Whenever there is a mobilization of troops, there is political debate. In Spain, Podemos rejects the shipment of ships and fighters announced by Margarita Robles: “Not to the war”.

covid passport

The Covid Passport It is no longer what it was in Spain. The Government of Cantabria will not extend its use in the hotel industry and Catalonia is thinking about it. It serves to encourage vaccination but not so much to avoid contagion. The incidence by the way, it has dropped for the third consecutive day and the hospital pressure data is slightly better.

  • In Texas They have developed a vaccine against Covid that is much cheaper and is patent-free. In India they have already approved it. Here we explain how do they work.

Jose María Íñigo and asbestos

Today we tell you on the podcast a story that fascinates me. the of the death of José María Íñigo and his relationship with the asbestos that was in the old sets of TVE where he worked so many times.

don’t miss it

  • The hollows of the Emptied Spain. The party that runs in Castilla y León under the idea of ​​the Empty Spain lacks candidates, as usually happens in these cases. Its statutes invite those “disenchanted” with traditional formations to make the leap.
  • We have had CIS. The survey keeps the PSOE at a certain distance from the PP at the expense of United We Can. More details.
  • what a story Carlos Hernández tells us: the the flight of the first lehendakari, José Antonio Aguirre, and how Hitler and Franco tried to capture him.

Trivial Tertullian

Blue – What is the capital of Ukraine?

pink – Which relative of the king was acquitted of the accusation of collaborating in the fiscal crimes of her husband?

Yellow – In what year did José María Aznar stand for the first time in general elections?

Brown – Who is the Minister of Defense?

Green – Of what crop are millions of tons imported from the Amazon to Spain to feed the pigs of the macro-farms?

Orange – Which country has warned Real Madrid players that they have to be vaccinated to play their Champions League match there?


Blue – Kyiv

pink – Christina of Bourbon.

Yellow – 1989

Brown – Margarita Oaks.

Green – Soy

Orange – France

On Monday we read each other again.

A hug!


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