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📩 NEWSLETTER | Reinfecting is not so rare anymore

In today we started publishing a survey of voting intention that helps us month by month, with our own data, to interpret electoral trends. We do it with Simple Lógica, a company specialized in demoscopy.

We already have the first installment and it looks like this:

What you see is basically a tie between PSOE and PP, although you already know that there are more important variables, such as how the left and right blocks add up for a government formation. And that is where the strength of Vox, already at 19% of the vote, tips the balance to the right with a disappearing Citizens: only 22% of Albert Rivera’s voters in the last general election say they will vote orange again . And down.

The survey has a lot of other detailed information that we present and explain with care in this article. The data has been collected in the midst of controversy over the macro farms, one month before castile and leon elections of the next 13F.

  • We can, on the couch. Precisely one of those microdata that gives us a striking combination of details: Yolanda Díaz is the most valued leader, with Iñigo Errejón and Alberto Garzón very well positioned, but the Podemos mark does not rise and in fact its general secretary, Ione Belarra, appears at the bottom of that ranking. The purple formation turns 8 years old and is waiting for the next phase.
  • “country soul”. Farmers, ranchers, hunters, breeders of roosters, cows, two donkeys and Vox politicians They demonstrated this Sunday in Madrid against state and European agrarian policy and against “the lettuce-eating rescuers”.

the false cure

First I want to thank you for the attention you are paying to our podcast. The year 2022 has started with two consecutive weeks breaking the listening ceiling that we had set in 2021. In other words, there are more and more of you.

Today I bring you a story that is impossible not to leave you with your mouth open. Even if you already knew her, the details never cease to amaze. I’m talking about the story of the false priest who entered the house of Luis Bárcenas to take papers from the PP and violently detained the ex-treasurer’s wife and her son, Willy Bárcenas, the singer of Taburete. That false priest has just died and we review this chapter kitsch of the history of Spanish corruption.

Two myths demolished

There are two recently proven facts that should be noted on the list of “things that would cause an apocalypse according to the liberal right and hey, nothing has happened.”

  • One, price control of antigen tests or masks. Not only in Spain, in many other countries. States have intervened in the price of a basic necessity element and the world has not ended. And works.
  • Two, the Inheritance Tax does not trigger the cases of renunciation of inheritances. Experts, statistics in hand, say that it has been “exaggerated” that the tax causes inheritances to be rejected because it does not pay off. They point to other causes such as debts carried over from recent crises.

don’t miss it

  • They are not anti-vaccines nor are they deniers, but the truth is that there is a part of the population under 40 years of age that is taking the third dose calmly. We talked to some to understand why.
  • Sound Operation: a judicial summary describes the vital web in which a group of immigrant girls living in juvenile centers are trapped, who can do little to prevent them from ending up hooked on drugs and savagely prostituted by adult men.
  • Body Tattoos. If you have relatives who are in the Army or the Civil Guard, you may have had a conversation about the rules for wearing tattoos. It is not an easy discussion there is trouble in the courts.
  • juice sun. El primo is no longer so strong and the Córdoba juice factory that was a pioneer in Europe is now no longer able to pay payroll.
  • The Dani. I have written today’s newsletter listening to La Dani after reading this interview about party nights, gender identity, Malaga roots and their sexual encounters with straight men.

things i didn’t know

  • He did not know that the word ‘cemetery’ It has nothing to do with ‘cement’, but comes from the Greek ‘kοιμητήριο’. That word, transcribed into the Latin alphabet, is something like ‘kimitario’. Etymologically it means ‘bedroom’. Nor did I know that there is a Catholic congregation of the Fossores Brothers of Mercy. Its members, nicknamed ‘guardians of the dead’, live in cemeteries and help with burials. In Spain there are only six Fossores brothers left: three in Logroño and three in Guadix (Granada). Above you have a photo of Guadix, in 1957.
  • He did not know than the image of the typical pirate with ears full of hoops has a geographical explanation: It was a sign of having managed to cross the Cape of Good Hope and Cape Horn by boat, two of the most dangerous places on the high seas, because currents of two oceans meet there. It is curious that the shape of the earlobe resembles the end of the earring ring, the route that the ship describes when skirting it.
  • He did not know than the Guinness Book of Records had been born by a pique between aristocrats. It turns out that in 1951, Sir Hugh Beaver, the director of the Irish brewing company Guinness, had an argument with friends while hunting in the bush: was the fastest game bird in Europe the golden plover or the grouse? And he thought that those kinds of answers deserved a book. With your brand, of course.

Today I am writing to you from Colombia. I will be here this week as a teacher of the Intensive Training Program for Connectas Editors, a network of Latin American journalists. But of course I stay true to our date and I’ll wait for you here tomorrow.

A hug!


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