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📩 NEWSLETTER | Reinfecting is not so rare anymore

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Rent, university and work

We have already approved the new youth rental bonus, the one that the Government announced, remember, in the final stretch of that bloody negotiation between PSOE and United We Can for the Housing Law. It is an aid of 250 euros per month for those under 35 years of age who have an income level of less than 24,000 euros. We have already told a lot about this bonus but there are new practical details: What happens if I share a flat? Do I have to prove an employment contract? Here is a complete guide.

  • cheapest college. More news for the pocket. There are seven autonomous communities that have to drastically lower their university fees in bachelor’s and master’s degrees to comply with the law approved two years ago by the Government. In theory it was a gradual process, but Madrid, the Balearic Islands and the Basque Country have not changed anything. Catalonia, the Valencian Community, Extremadura and Navarra still have room for reduction. The savings will be up to 700 euros. Details.
  • Labour reform. We continue talking about the material. does it specifically Ignacio Escolar in an article where it values ​​in what state is the approval of the labor reform. We have the most difficult consensus, that of employers and unions, but parliamentary support is lacking.

Reinfecting is not so rare anymore

In all the previous waves of the coronavirus, we have said that getting reinfected, developing Covid-19 again, was very unlikely thanks to the defenses generated by the first contagion. But it’s not so rare anymore: reinfections have multiplied by five since December. It is another of the reasons why ómicron is bloody, but it is not the only cause: as time goes by, natural immunity or that of the vaccine also decreases.

bounced ball

World tennis number 1, Novak Djokovic, has challenged the law and science… and has lost. But the mess does not end in Australia. Djokovic has just closed the doors of the next Roland Garros, and the ball bounced back to Spain. We already have a mess. It is the theme of today’s podcast.

Have you seen this poster?

posters like that have appeared in 33 different cities. Don’t zoom in, yes, put what seems like: “Praying in front of an abortion clinic is great” and then makes a sarcasm about how a new law could ban this poster, which is not true.

What is certain is that the law will prohibit harassing, harassing and coercing to women at the door of the clinics. And what is also true is that this cartel is being paid for by an ultra-Catholic organization with an unapologetic name: Catholic Association of Propagandists.

don’t miss it

  • After Boris. Beware of wishing that the crisis of illegal parties in Downing Street ends up causing Boris Johnson to resign, because what comes next can be even worse.
  • An artist. Do you remember the man who painted Franco’s tombstone in the Valley of the Fallen a year before the exhumation? It was nothing radical, it was a dove and asked for “freedom and reconciliation.” has been acquitted. It was, the magistrates say, “an act of minor disturbance.”

in today’s chapter

  • Hilda. If you have small children and you are looking for a series for them, I have people around you who are delighted with ‘Hilda’. This is how Lucía M. Quiroga defines it in elDiario.es: “It tells the adventures of a brave girl, a lover of nature, who lives in the forest with her mother and her dog. Hilda is active, adventurous, brave, supportive, empathetic and does not wear pink. based in a graphic novel.
  • book clubs. If reading is difficult for you, know that the old formula of ‘reading clubs’ is becoming more and more popular, that is, people who intend to read one book at a time to comment on it. Here’s a review of how it can help you get hooked on reading. Although it takes time, of course.

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