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The transport crisis that began with a minority stoppage of trucks 10 days ago is complicating the Government for days. New associations and employers in the sector have been added to the break that has already caused large food companies have to stop their production or are on the verge to do it They will sound familiar to you: we are talking about Danone, Calvo, Cuétara, Cruzcampo or Mahou, for example. Nor do the necessary supplies reach the steel factories. The shortage is punctual, but it is highly visible, is too much visible. It is easy for a contagious effect to occur.

The thing is no longer just about truckers. Taxi drivers, buses and private ambulances or drivers for hire as well prepare for a joint mobilization for fuel prices. the fishing fleet it is also practically stopped. The farmers they fear the worst.

The Government meanwhile holds its breath. His first offer to rebate professional diesel with 500 million euros, without small print yet, has lost impact in less than 24 hours. The attempt to reduce the mobilizations to something of the extreme right is no longer sustainable, because even if you are not a transport professional, almost anyone is capable of empathizing with the problem.

as we count in this data report, the families with the lowest incomes are the ones that dedicate the most money, with respect to their total expenditure, to essential goods and services, such as electricity, bread or oil, which are the ones that rise the most with the triggered inflation. Although it is also true that they are the worst off due to supply blockages caused by carriers.

The Minister of Transport He assures that they are preparing more measures, and that more will arrive from Brussels before the end of the week. The days are long. There are concerned ministers.

For now, the European Commission has given its approval to national governments limit the prices of electricity and gas. Regarding Pedro Sánchez’s proposal that the price of energy not be linked to that of gas, it seems that there is no consensus.


today the podcast We dedicate it to some professionals who do not depend on fuel, but who are very burnt out: family doctors.

Women and men who spend consultation in health centers are resigning more and more. They are leaving. We explain why.


Russia and Ukraine cross accusations as the attacks continue: Moscow assures that Zelensky hinder negotiations by stating that any peace agreement will have to be endorsed in a referendum. Meanwhile, NATO suspects that Belarus is close to join the war in favor of Putin.

Our special correspondent, Mariangela Paone, takes us to Zhovkvaa city with the youngest mayor in Ukraine, which is between the Westernist dream of Europe and the nightmare of a war with Russia.

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