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The Emeritus and the Emir

With tension, with discomfort, Spain is preparing to receive Juan Carlos I, who will travel tomorrow from the United Arab Emirates on his first visit since his voluntary exile. Between what is known and what is intuited, his plan seems to be to meet Felipe VI on Friday and then spend the weekend on the coast of Sanxenxo, and perhaps participate in a regatta. From there, our colleague Víctor Honorato tells how the town is prepared. The newly appointed president of the Xunta, Alfonso Rueda, who replaces Feijóo, has said that his stay will help “place Galicia on the map”.

  • Ignacio Escolar writes today on the money laundering operation against the emeritus king: “Only those who prefer to live in ignorance can today forget that Spain had a tax fraudster as head of state for decades.”

The emir. The Royal House, Moncloa, the Congress, the Community of Madrid and the City Council of the capital they have put the shiniest red carpet they had on the emir of QatarTamim bin Hamad. King Felipe VI has come to highlight the social and political “advances” led by the emir and “the significant level of integration of Qatari women in the world of work”.

In Qatar, the emir concentrates all the power, political parties are not allowed. Freedom of expression is highly restricted, homosexuality is punishable by up to 7 years in prison and women are under the legal guardianship of their father or husband.

All this is better understood from another point of view, that of the energy crisis: Qatar is the second largest gas exporter in the world and the Qatari sovereign wealth fund is the main shareholder of Iberdrola. After seeing the king, the emir has announced an increase in investments in Spain.

New sexual rights

The new reproductive health law, which we have been talking about for days, is already defined and approved by the Government. With the small print in hand, we see new developments: the morning-after pill can be ordered free of charge in public health centers, conscientious objection will no longer be an excuse for everything, sex education content will be displayed in schools that are not only how to put on a condom… Here all the keys of the law Y a specific question-answer about casualties due to painful rules.

The Church will return to the street: while walking hindering investigations into pederasty that destroyed thousands of lives, announce a battle against the norm because it removes from parents of adolescents aged 16 or 17 the power to force their daughters to become mothers against their will. Feijóo, the moderate, agrees with the ecclesiastical right on this: says that if you can’t drink alcohol at 16 or 17, then you shouldn’t be able to abort without parental consent either.


When we founded 10 years ago, suicide was a taboo in Spain. We journalists were taught that suicide is not talked about. But there was something that broke the silence, perhaps forever.

today on the podcastwe tell how we (society, journalists, politicians…) learned to leave behind one of the great forbidden territories of our public opinion.

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  • smokers. The pandemic pushed many people to quit smoking. In 2020, with the confinement, more than 780,000 people quit tobacco. In 2021, the thing stalls.
  • Hope Aguirre. The day in 2014 when Esperanza Aguirre stopped her car in the middle of Madrid’s Gran Vía to get money from her and fled when the Municipal Police tried to fine her it was also intense in Turns out about that Aguirre also spoke with Villarejo.
  • The Twitter purchase by Elon Musk is in danger. The billionaire says he needs more data because suspect that 20% of Twitter profiles they could be fake.
  • hello heat. A heat wave arrives and it is the earliest in history in Spain. The “significant warm episode” beginning today will push temperatures 10 to 15 degrees above what is, or was, normal in May.

in today’s chapter

  • Steven Spielberg and George Lucas they were friends. While one was shooting ‘Encounters of the Third Kind’, the other was shooting ‘Star Wars’ and they made bets in reverse: if I collect more box office than you, I pay you 2.5% of what I earn. Spielberg has been paying Lucas for years. And they also put ads like the one above in the press when they outperformed at the box office. Nuria Pérez tells those details here.
  • ‘Our father’ it’s a documental about an Indianapolis doctor who during the 70s and 80s was the star fertility doctor for artificial insemination. Over time it was discovered that, in at least 100 cases, the semen was his. Donald Cline was the biological father of more than 100 children. The case shook the US and that documentary explains it well.
  • against series. “There is something even worse than the series: the conversations about the series and the weighing of the series.” It has amused me (although I could answer point by point) to listen this chapter of the podcast ‘Arsenic Caviar’ which is called “Against the series”, where they defend arguments to resist the cultural dominance of the series of which I am absolutely complicit in this newsletter.


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