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where does the day go

the nothing

Yesterday was the day that Margarita Robles was going to explain something to us about the espionage crisis that began affecting the independence movement and has ended up compromising State security. But Margarita Robles has appeared in Congress to say nothing and distribute reproaches with the excuse of official secrecy: “I would like to be able to tell him, but at this point I do not want to commit a crime”, he said, with the help of the PP, who chaired the parliamentary commission and has cut off the intentions of the other parties who wanted to ask about Pegasus.

and the poison. When there is a crisis and there is secrecy, different interested versions, leaks and rumors immediately emerge, a very poisonous combination for the balance of power in governments. In the absence of explanations, Robles is already playing his cards internally to charge the Minister of the Presidency, Félix Bolaños, with the brown. Iván Redondo also participates in that latent war. Up to three journalists from tell you all the details in this comprehensive behind-the-scenes chronicle.

work romp

The labor reform, yes, the one that was approved by Yolanda Díaz, without the support of ERC and with an erroneous vote by the PP, is giving the labor market a romp. After 40 years with a systemic problem of temporary work, this law is indeed managing to solve it: half of the contracts in April were indefinite. Before it was one in 10. Look at this graph.

Here you have much more information. It is not only that higher quality employment is being created after the pandemic crisis, but that the 20 million people affiliated with Social Security have been exceeded for the first time.

when is it going to end

The European Union proposes to cut off Russian oil in Europe within six months. In those times we are in a war that stagnates. Meanwhile, from Ukraine we get news of how the Russians take a steel plant. That’s how slow progress is.

So today on the podcast we seek answers: how long is this going to last?

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in today’s chapter

  • Details. When I finish a series, even if it’s old, I like to dive between forums that comment on it. I have finished Fringe, that series for which JJ Abrams left Lost to create a mix between paranormal phenomena and science fiction. From Fringe, which ended 9 years ago, much has been written. I liked discovering what is behind a detail that you will remember if you have seen it: the X-ray images that served as separators in the chapters. It turns out that they made up a code with hidden words related to the content of each episode. Up there I leave you a riddle.
  • heart stopper. It is one of those series that does not have much promotion on the part of Netflix, nor a large audience, but that they end up drawing applause. Heartstopper is a series about adolescents that does not abuse fatalism or excess, but rather recreates life and sexual awakening. In this case, gay. From Owen Jones at The Guardian To colleagues at, there is a majority opinion: “I wish I had seen her at that age.”
  • There is no one living here. A researcher from the Autonomous University of Madrid, María Llinares, has dedicated herself to studying how the successful series ‘Aquí no hay hay que viva’ / ‘La que se avecina’ gives us clues about the social and political situation at the time of its broadcast , from 2003 to today, from the bubble to precariousness, traveling through the economic crisis. Here is a summary with some interesting details, to see if you dare to share more.

Well, let’s see what happens today. I’ll tell you tomorrow.

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