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📩 NEWSLETTER | The price of getting up

When getting up has a price

The employer also regrets having risen at the last minute from the negotiating table on pensions. Until yesterday, Minister Escrivá’s proposal was to raise Social Security contributions, to put that money in a piggy bank for future pensions, and that this rise was 0.4% for employers and 0.2% for the workers. The employers they have said no to that and they resigned from continuing to negotiate at noon on Monday, the day the deadline ended.

What happened after? That the Government and unions, still in the negotiation, have converted this distribution into a 0.5% extra cost for companies and 0.1% for workers, who come out ahead of the initial proposal. The Government can approve it without the consent of businessmen and it will be active from 2023. All the details here.


Look at the gesture that this image draws:

If you ever see a woman doing it, react. Suspicion. Tell someone. It is a distress signal, a silent way to ask for help in a situation of abuse.

An employee of a private medical center in Barcelona detected last Thursday that a woman in the waiting room he made the signal when he passed her. She was accompanied by her husband. The employee called the emergency number. The Mossos went to the center, interrogated both the woman and the husband, who was arrested.

The gesture has become popular through TikTok during the pandemic and that of Barcelona is not the only recent case. Last week, in the US, a 16-year-old girl was rescued of his kidnapper thanks to this same signal, which he was able to do through the car window.

  • “Super good”. The three defendants for the multiple rape of Molins assure that the girl who got on with them, unknown, at the exit of a disco consented to the sexual relations and the injuries that the forensics see compatible with a sexual assault: “We treat her super well“.

The Great Blackout that was already

The extreme right-wing nationalism is betting on a very Spanish and very liberal model to avoid the Great Blackout that they preach on the internet.

They forget that the Great Blackout already happened, a few months ago, and it was to blame … that model. Today on the podcast We traveled to the total chaos of Texas in February 2021. What lessons can we learn in Spain?

And also on the rest of the platforms: Spotify, Manzana, Google Podcast, iVoox and RSS feed

Do not pass

  • Nazis. We continue to give details of the judicial investigation into the attack on the Podemos headquarters in Cartagena. Police believe that one of the defendants participated in other riots against the curfew and has an “obsession” with knives.
  • Episiotomies. It seems to me an amazing fact, although it may seem little to the readers of this bulletin that they were mothers a while ago: in one of every three deliveries that develop normally, an episiotomy is performed, that is, a cut in the vagina to enlarge the birth canal and facilitate the delivery of the baby at the cost of sequelae for the mother. It is supposed to be an outdated technique that the WHO does not recommend. In this report there are hard stories but they have to be read.

Everything is politics

  • Taylor Swift is pushing his way to change the rules and balances of power in the music industry in the US. For a couple of years she has been committing a daring: to re-record several of her albums and ask her fans not to buy the original versions, whose rights had fallen into a business conglomerate that she rejected. Just got another remake of this type.
  • Character removed. Netflix has eliminated a character of a series that he is producing because of the risk of being considered racist. The actress who was going to play the role, Ada Maris, denounced that the script was full of prejudices towards Latinos. Instead of reformulating the character, a domestic worker of one of the protagonists, they have decided to remove it from the scene.
  • Violence among the poor. The rivers of characters continue on The Squid Game, the series that takes advantage of everything. In case you are still hooked on that world, I bring you 10 political and philosophical keys more about the series. I like the concept of “violence of the penultimate against the last” proposed by the boys from Cámara Cívica.


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